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Understanding The Causes Of Nightmares Essay

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Many people suffer from bad dreams, often referred to as nightmares, every night. It is not uncommon to experience fright filled slumber from time to time, but some people are inclined to suffer more often than an occasional bad dream. While some mental health professionals believe nightmares reduce mental tensions by allowing the mind to act out its fears, new research suggests that bad dreams are more likely to increase anxiety in everyday life. In addition to life’s anxieties, what other factors contribute to nightmares and why?
Startled awake, hardly aware of reality, heart racing and drenched in sweat, people who suffer from nightmares are deeply affected by not being able to sleep ...view middle of the document...

In fact, according to a study published in 2007 in Psychological Reports the dreams of people who eat high quantities of organic foods vary from people who eat “junk foods.” The authors of the study theorized that certain foods may negatively influence sleep and consequently dreaming. (Lin, David)
Spicy foods have also been found to have a negative effect on dream activity. In a study published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology, it was found in a group of healthy men that spicy foods consumed before bed time had a direct effect on the quality of their sleep when compared to evenings when a more bland meal was had. On nights when the spicy meal was served, study subjects spent more time awake and had poorer quality sleep. Researchers discovered that spicy food elevated body temperatures in some of the men and thus disrupt their sleep. It is believed that for this reason some people report bad dreams when they eat too close to bedtime. Eating close to bedtime has also been found to increase metabolism and brain activity which may prompt bad dreams or nightmares.
Like food liquor and alcoholic beverages, despite their sleep inducing power can also cause people to wake-up prematurely and disrupt sleep patterns. Excess consumption of alcohol can ultimately lead to nightmares and bad sleep. Nightmares are a common occurrence in individuals going through alcohol withdrawal.
Substance abuse and prescription medication can have a direct effect on sleep and dream activity. Medication can cause sleep deprivation and exhaustion making it impossible to carry on with normal everyday life. All types of prescription drugs from antihistamines and inhalers to antidepressants and narcotics can cause sleep disruptions. Occasional nightmares...

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