Understanding The Nature Of The Essence Of A Given Experience

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“It is as if at first all these more or less inessential processes were shrouded in a particular atmosphere, which dissipates when I look closely at them” (§173). This last sentence of section 173 of Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations expresses the concern around which the rest of this section largely revolves. In this section of the Investigations (and those around it, at times) Wittgenstein concerns himself with problems one faces in defining the ‘essence’ of a given sort of experience (in other contexts speaking also of the associated ‘process’ and ‘concept’) such as reading and ‘being guided’/‘guidedness’. He points directly and somewhat indirectly to certain obstacles which arise when we try to investigate these experiences, particularly inasmuch as we try to figure out what is essential to, or constitutive of, such experiences.
In aiming to define the ‘atmosphere’ shrouding experiences of reading, he first intuits in 169-170—particularly when he reads slowly and self-consciously—that a feeling of ‘guidedness’ is essential to reading. In 171, he dismisses this as misleading insofar as one doesn’t necessarily feel such ‘guidedness’ when one reads ‘as usual’, but only when hyper-conscientiously, as does the philosopher-investigator. Yet in 172 he regardless investigates ‘guidedness’ in a broader context, perhaps to see if it might still be relevant—or: humoring his hard-headed interlocutor, we may presume. Here he is perplexed when faced with the task of finding a common strand among the examples (an ‘essence’ which might bind them), but his interlocutor, still stuck on a sort of ‘guidedness’ being essential to the reading experience, demands that “being guided is surely a particular experience!” (§173). Wittgenstein subsequently rebuffs the interlocutor: “you are now thinking of a particular experience of being guided”, he says (§173). This first moment in the section seems intended to remind us with an oblique remark that we may conflate multiple concepts when we assume them to be just one—especially a problem when they have the guise of just one name among them (as here, with the case of ‘guidedness’). This, then, poses a first problem for discovering the essences of experiences such as ‘reading’ and ‘being guided’.
Another problem addressed here is the lack of a single reliable way to investigate the essences of these experiences: heightened self-consciousness (or ‘carefulness’ or hyper-conscientiousness) when engaging in the activity to be understood does not always work, inasmuch as some experiences are incompatible or impracticable with such ‘carefulness’, and thus demand different modes of investigation. If we wish to investigate what happens to someone when s/he loses control of something (say, a tea-tray) that s/he is balancing, will conscientious engagement in such an act be sufficient to understand its essence—or even get us a little bit closer to doing so—if we assume it to have such an essence? “Imagine a servant...

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