Understanding The Elements Of Eco Sanitation Toilets As One Contribution To Productive Waste Management

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Although the forerunning company of the Eco-San Toilet System was established in the year 1987, the idea of an Eco-San Toilet System in the Philippines traced back to the year 2001 when the Center for Advanced Philippines Studies (CAPS) sealed a partnership with WASTE, a Dutch non-government organization, in order to conduct solid waste management studies, particularly on recycling, composting, hospital wastes and institutional aspects of Solid Waste Management. The WASTE suggested an emerging new product to the CAPS –a new way of managing excreta, and this was the Eco-Sanitation Toilet System. Their pilot project was in Batangas City, where they installed the Eco-San Toilets on four indigent households. Although only one out of four of their toilets functioned properly due to incorrect and neglected structural designs, they were able to reconstruct and improve its system later on.
Today, there are over 400 Eco-San Toilets installed across the country with the aid of the funding from Local Government Units (LGUs) and with the involvement of different sectors such as the Department of Health, Department of Interior and Local Government –Gesellschaft Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), World Bank – Water and Sanitation Program (WB-WSP), United States Agency International Development Philippine Sanitation Alliance (USAID PSA), Basic Needs Services Philippines, Inc. (BNS-BORDA), and Asian Development Bank (ADB).
CAPS’s vision is for it to be “the leading Knowledge Center and Catalyst in Sustainable Sanitation and Solid Waste Management” and they have a mission "To influence policy and decision making of national and local leaders in the field of urban environmental management through cutting edge research and innovative projects that will contribute to national development, environmental conservation and poverty alleviation." The Eco-Sanitation Toilet System aims to have a greater coverage among the people within the indigent belt. Through this, it would provide greater opportunities for those people to manage their waste productively and efficiently tied up with health awareness. (http://www.caps.ph/)
The Ecological Sanitation Toilet System (ETS) is a sustainable sanitation approach that aims to make use of human waste as a productive resource for the natural environment by means of waste segregation. Its core idea is to separate human excreta from the human urine with the use of the Urine Diverting Dehydration Toilet (UDDT) in order to maximize the cardinal utility of each waste component.
The UDDT has two holes that separate the two major components of human waste. The moment each component falls into the ground, they are stored separately with two different containers. The excreta and the urine are then transported on their designated storage areas. The urine, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) basic management, must be stored for at least one month for sterilization. For the human excreta, it falls into a specially designed...

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