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Understanding The Importance Of Policy, Procedures And Protocols

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In every department, in every state there is always a policy, procedure and protocol that each and every worker must abide by. You cannot be an officer, working at the highest standard without actually following and understanding the importance of policy, procedure and the protocol. Firstly policies are highly important in this line of work, many people think that being an officer gives you the power to arrest anyone, however they are completely wrong. Before an officer can merely go on duty he must understand the policies so when he does go on duty he does not break the policy and get himself/herself in a lot of trouble. Having a policy keeps order in the work place and out on the streets. An officer is a role model for everyone in the city, meaning what an officer does and how they react to a situation does affect the general mind-set and actions of that of the public. Policies are especially important for new ...view middle of the document...

Procedure is standard in the LSPD, you must follow it and understand it to become an officer working to the best of their ability.

Thirdly, Protocol, you could say that policy, procedure and protocol are all the same but it’s protocol which is what really tells you what to do and what not to do in certain situations. One example of protocol would be during a pursuit. If the evading vehicle has moved on to the other side of the road, the lead unit may follow him but it is protocol that the other units have to stay on the correct lane. This protocol really summarises the importance of protocols. You must follow them for safety reasons and it’s what is best for the officers and that of the law abiding general public.

Having a good work ethic shows that you are focused, disciplined and it also shows that their minds are set on doing the job at hand to the best of their ability. Good work ethic focuses your mind on the job and nothing else, meaning that by having a good work ethic, it makes you refrain from doing unethical things such as gossiping and lazing around not really contributing anything. Not having good work ethic in the workplace can cause stress, anger and tiredness. Since you are not really focused you will become more stressful and angry as you are not getting any work done.

Having a good work ethic not only affects your work standard but also that of your colleagues. Perhaps they are noticing you focused and getting the job down, it would probably be in there best interests to do the same as they are seeing the effects it good work ethic has. Supervisors would also notice your hard work and you may possibly be promoted all because you had the right attitude and discipline to complete your work.

Today, the workplace is very demanding and fast paced which means you need to set and ready yourself so you can keep up with the fast pace and complete all the hard work in front of you. Being on point isn’t easy but you must get in the right frame of mind by being on time, working with colleagues and most importantly listening to the order your supervisors give you.

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