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Understanding The Neurological Effects Of Alcohol Addiction

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General Medical and Surgical Management:
There are several ways Darlene’s alcoholism can be fared by medical management. There are medications that are used to decrease overall symptoms, increase comfort, and control convulsions and delirium tremors (Schuckit, 2006). Darlene experiences such intense symptoms due to her physical alcohol dependence, which elicits a depressant withdrawal response in the absence of the substance in her system. The administration of another depressant, such as Benzodiazepines, through the process of cross-tolerance can thus alleviate withdrawal symptoms without using the initial addictive substance (Schuckit, 2006).
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Individuals with substance use disorders deteriorate in the engagement and performance of their occupations as their use becomes more frequent, longer in duration, and involves greater quantities of the substance (Cara & MacRae, 2005). An occupational therapist would implement interventions that support healthier decision making, a variety of meaningful occupations, and engagement in occupation to support participation in context without substance use. Strategies such as brief interventions, cognitive-behavioral, motivational, harm reduction, and community reinforcement would be beneficial to treat someone with an Alcohol Use Disorder (Cara & MacRae, 2005).
Explanation of Neurological Diagnosis to the Patient/Family:
People can become addicted to substances, such as alcohol, due to a combination of factors that influence each other inside and outside the body. A person’s genetics, brain chemicals and environmental influences put someone at risk to develop an alcohol use disorder. Basically by repeatedly consuming more and more alcohol the brain gets “tricked” into chemically changing itself to becoming dependent on it which is why you are experiencing all these negative physical and mental symptoms when you do not consume alcohol. There is a reward system in your brain that is ran by chemicals that make you feel good when you do a naturally beneficial behavior like eat, drink, or have sex. Drinking alcohol makes that system release that same pleasurable chemical, except to a higher extent than you can naturally achieve, so then your brain changes and you need more of that substance to get that good feeling back.
Due to Darlene’s excessive drinking throughout the years her brain has changed itself to become dependent on alcohol and can no longer function without it. As a result, she can only go short periods of time with it not in her system without her body craving more and experiencing the negative withdrawal symptoms. Darlene will make her body continue this cycle if she keeps drinking and due to the toxic effects of excessive alcohol her physical and mental problems will only increase or get worse. Her independence and mental abilities will continue to decrease which will require the family to take more care of her and limit her...

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