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Understanding The Puzzle Piece Essay

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Understanding the Puzzle Piece: Autism Spectrum Disorder
When God created humanity, there was a fellowship that no other creation had with him. After the fall, however, sin damaged this fellowship, causing separation and marred the original bodies created by God. As a result, sin has ravaged humanity causing pain and suffering in a variety of areas particularly mental health. Even though sin was defeated at Calvary, all of creation longs for the day when it is completely obliterated at the Day of Judgment. Until then Christians, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, continue to live with sin and while church continues to finds ways to help people with mental illness. One disorder in particular is the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Many in churches around the world know someone diagnosed with ASD or were born with it him or herself. With the number of persons with ASD rising, this is an issue not only for clinicians, but also for families as well as churches. It needs to be understood that those who are diagnosed with ASD are just merely misunderstood pieces of this puzzle we can humanity.
According to the DSM-5 (2013), individuals must fit five criteria prior to an ASD diagnosis: 1) deficits in social interaction and in communication 2) restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviors, interests and activities 3) present in early development stage 4) considerable social and occupational impairment, and 5) these impairments are not solely because of developmental delays. Social impairments include nonverbal behaviors such as facial expression and a big indicator, eye contact. In addition, there are failures in developing peer relationships and lack of sharing enjoyment, interest, and achievement. Lastly, there is a lack of reciprocating social or emotional responses. When it comes to communication, there is a delay in, or total lack of spoken language development. With this delay, there are difficulties in the initiation and sustaining of conversation as well as a lot repetitive language. There is also a lack of make believe play. People with ASD are obsessed with patterns that interest them and are intensely focused on said patterns. They have issues with transitions because they have inflexible adherence to schedules. Lastly, they have repetitive motor mannerism such as rocking back and forth, spinning in circles, clumsiness, and walking on tiptoes. Levels of severity are determined by how persistent the behaviors are and how much these behaviors disrupt everyday functioning (Durand, 2014). There are three levels of severity that either requires support, substantial support, or very substantial support. These specifiers of severity will assist in an accurate diagnosis since similar criteria are involved in other disorders such as social (pragmatic) communication Disorder (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Social communication disorder is apart of a serious of diagnoses that can have similar symptoms with ASD...

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