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Understanding The Style Of Shakespeare John Jay/English Essay

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1. Use this article to answer questions about greenhouse gases. (10 points)
Greenhouse Gases, Climate Change, and Energy 
a. Look at figure 1. What kind of graph is this? Identify the dependent and independent variables. (2 points)
It is a scatterplot. The dependent variable is the carbon dioxide emission and the independent variable is the year.
b. Look at figure 3. What kind of graph is this? Why is it better to show these data in this type of graph rather than a line graph? (2 points)
This is a circle graph. Its better because it is showing the percentages of certain gases that make up the greenhouse gas emissions.
c. Look at the top two graphs in figure 4. What information is included in the upper left circle graph that is not included in the upper right circle graph? Why was that information not included? (2 points)
Nonfossil was not included in the upper right circle graph. It was not included because it does not affect carbon dioxide emissions.
d. Compare the middle two bar graphs in figure 4. Which category (transportation, industrial, residential, or commercial) produces the most carbon dioxide emissions? How does this relate to the amount of electricity used? (2 points)
Transportation produces the most carbon dioxide emissions. It used just about no electricity, especially compared to the other categories.
e. Look at figure 5. How is it possible for a line graph to show data for the future? What assumption or assumptions have been made to make this possible? (2 points)
It uses the data it has now and uses trends and patterns to predict the data for the future. This is known as extrapolation. The assumption is that the patterns and trends now will continue into the future.
2. Use this article on global climate change to answer these questions. (11 points)...

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