Understanding "The Tyger." Use Citations. Good Specificity

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The Tyger" is an extraordinary poem that lets us create our own interpretation when we read it. We cannot automatically assume that the title is just a typo as Blake has affirmed elsewhere that every word and every letter is studied and put into its right place. The title reveals that this is not an ordinary poem with an ordinary tiger. It motivates the reader to search for meaning even before he or she begins to read it. The poem contains a lot of imagery as well as rhyme, rhythm, figurative language, and some metaphors. Through all of his techniques, Blake tries to develop the meaning of a tiger and determine who created it.The poem begins with Blake addressing the tiger and questioning ...view middle of the document...

It then questions the two contrary states of the human soul of the creator. Finally, it proposes that the creator, like us, has a good side and a bad side. Blake also imposes that God does exist, but he questions his own faith. Where did all of humanity really come from? He never answers his questions throughout the poem because no one can answer that main question. It is basically based on what we believe in.Blake skillfully creates this lyric in six four-line stanzas. The poem contains rhyming couplets in each. The rhyme scheme is AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, II, JJ, AA, and BB. The poem is written in iambic trimeter and iambic tetrameter. Most of the lines contain seven syllables and some have eight. Blake also uses an apostrophe in the poem because he makes an address to the tiger directly in the first and last stanza. Blake's imagery is also so compelling that the lines explain themselves. In the first stanza he states "In the forests of the night." We then capture that the tiger lurks in darkness. When he mentions "the fire of thine eyes", we get a feel of the deep intensity...

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