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Understanding The World Of Adolescents Essay

1630 words - 7 pages

Olivia Fuentes
EDST 2070

ASSESSMENT 2: Research Vignette

Context of Field Experience
The clouds are hovering above as the sun peaks through to spread warmth over the people. I go to Coogee Beach and make my way to the area with grass, barbecues, and benches. While some people are in their bathing suits just sitting around soaking up some sun, there are other people fully clothed and just standing around talking and drinking some beers. It is now around 3 o’clock and groups of children in various uniforms start making their way towards where I am located. The girls are mainly in plaid skirts and dresses of various colors such as blue, white, and green while the boys are in dark colored shorts and pants with polo tops sporting the school emblems on them. The older groups of people tend to stand and sit further away from one another then the kids do. While I can still hear the adults talking, the groups of children seem to be screaming as if they cannot hear each other despite the fact that they are sitting and standing within 2 ft. of each other.

Group Description and Explanation
Although there are several groups of people strung around the grassy area of the beach, one group in particular catches my eyes and my ears. There is a group of 4 children sitting in a circle perched up against a tree. There are 3 boys and 1 girl and they appear to be of Caucasian descent. They seem to be around the ages of 12-13. The thing about this particular group that caught my attention was what I first heard one of the boys say. He yelled out, “Stop being such a bitch.” You can say that I was a little more than surprised at this language. Since this was not something that was common when I was their age, I figured that I would focus a little more attention to what it was exactly that they were talking about. The one girl in the group opened her mouth in shock when this was said and the other boys told her to “get over it” and “suck it up”. She then stood up and walked away. While she was gone, the other boys said they were happy that she was gone because “she’s not that pretty anyways”. They then started discussing which girls in their class they would want to hook up with. I want to focus on this group because of their attitude and its difference from others their age and see how this could possibly pertain to identity and culture.

Research Articles
In the article by Lesko (2012), she discusses adolescents in reference to the four confident characteristics of adolescence which include coming of age, being controlled by raging hormones, being peer-oriented, and being represented by age. Lesko is not particularly fond of the current representation of adolescents and believes that we need to alternate our current thinking. Her belief is that adolescents are not the stark opposite of adults; therefore, they shouldn’t be treated as such. She offers up a new theoretical framework that combines poststructuralist, feminist, and...

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