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Understanding The Writing Process Essay

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Writing is a different process for each writer who strives to put thoughts into words. In most beginning college English courses, budding writers are taught how to write by following a series of stages. There is a diversity among readers which presents a different viewpoint about a piece of work. This leads to a variety of different works because each written piece, whatever it may be, can be interpreted to mean whatever a reader wants it to mean. However, in order to present your views to other readers you must first learn the fundamentals of the writing process and how to incorporate it into a well-written essay. This takes time and much practice since the writing process is a very ...view middle of the document...

Once the organization of the essay is arranged, a writer will develop a pattern of arrangement in the essay and the paragraphs that will be within the essay
All essays incorporate the writing process. Pertaining to an English course, the assignment could be a narrative or classification essay. A classification essay is also called a division essay. A narrative essay is usually told in the order that the events occurred or in chronological order. Details are a large part of a narrative essay. A narrative essay tells a story, so it should contain a beginning, middle, and an end. A well written narrative story should include conflict and a resolution. In general, narrative essays are told in past tense but sometimes present tense is used. Including dialogue makes the essay interesting to readers and using transitional words should smoothly take the reader from one event to another. Narrative writing can be applied to all modes of writing. In a division essay, a writer looks at something whole and breaks it into parts whereas classification takes individual items and sorts them into categories usually based on similarities. Without first dividing then there can be no categorical sorting. Thus division and classification work together in formulating the invention stage of the writing process.
As part of the writing process, a writer takes their first outline and arranges the outline into a formal outline which will help lead to a first draft essay. However, a writer has to formulate a well-organized thesis in order to communicate to their audience. The thesis is critical it the writer’s main idea of the essay and should state the purpose of the essay clearly. Developing a thesis in this stage is not concrete but leads to the creation of a first draft of their essay. After determining the purpose of an assignment and the type of essay to be developed, the writer can move on to the first step in writing which is called prewriting or invention. While in the prewriting stage, a writer takes their idea and free writes about their subject which is often a rough draft of first thoughts and comments about the subject. After getting an initial draft of ideas down then a writer can review and brainstorm about their subject. Often when a first draft is complete, editing is the next step in the process but before discussing editing techniques the main components of an essay need to be examined.
Developing a thesis statement is one of the most important parts of the writing process. It belongs in the introductory paragraph and it should be the last sentence in the introductory paragraph because it sets the tone for the essay. An introductory paragraph serves two purposes. The First is to catch the reader’s attention with any needed background information provided. The second is to end the paragraph with a clearly expressed thesis statement. There are several options for writing an introductory paragraph that writers use such as dialogue, telling a story,...

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