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Knowing top web development skills is important in today’s world of changing and ever advancing technology. With web pages the number one way people learn, socialize, work, and even date the appeal of a page matters more than ever before. To stay ahead of the crowd it is essential to have knowledge of these developments.

Mobile development
As of late two thousand twelve mobile devices outrank PC in sales. Having a mobile site that is compatible on both formats is more important than ever before. You don’t necessarily need to develop a mobile page to achieve the cross compatibility you need. However you should ensure your page is simple enough for mobile devices to be able to easily load and navigate on today’s vastly popular mobile devices such as phones and tablets.
CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is an important time and energy saver to today’s busy web developer. CSS will allow you to easily separate the document layout from the actual content of the page. This allows for more flexibility in page structuring. Layout, font, color and other presentation elements can be easily shared between pages or changed throughout the pages.
HTML5 is swiftly becoming the next generations most popular development tool to many. With IE 10 HTML 5 is now available to most. It is a great tool because it is compatible with most mobile devices making it a gateway into mobile web development. Learning HTML 5 now could be your key to staying ahead of the curve.
Java Script an Ajax
Java Script is arguably the most popular and important top web development skill available to programmers. Ajax allows for faster and easier interactions between applications and web pages. The tow combined could very well be the number one tool you need to put you ahead in the fast paced world of web development. Ajax basically allows Java Script to directly communicate with servers allowing less loading time and significantly improving data...

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