Undertake A Research Project Unit 543 Nvq Level 5 Health And Social Care Nvq Level 5 Research

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I am completing a research project to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the supervision process at District Care. The aim and objective is to see “How we make the supervision process a positive one?” The method used to explore this will be through a staff questionnaire. Questions will include qualitative research to understand carers opinions, reasoning and motivations and also quantitative research as the questions will multiple choice which can then be measured and compared. District Care has been established since February 2013 and has strived to continually update the supervision process to ensure supervisees gain the maximum benefit. I want to examine if there are any changes that can be made during supervisions to make sure they are positive. I will research literature reviews in supervision delivery and theorists. The questionnaire will judge the effectiveness of our current supervision process. I will complete a draft survey to ensure that questionnaire is suitable, clear and appropriate. After any amendments, the questionnaire will be given to all members of staff to fill in. The questionnaire can be anonymous if preferred to promote honesty and a box will be available to deposit replies or they can be posted back to the office. All staff will receive the same questions. There will be a statement at the top of the questionnaire explaining what is about and the reasons for it. All information will be collected and kept confidential. Data will be analysed and discussed with the manager and the findings will be presented in graph charts. All staff have the right to refuse to participate. I will compare the findings with the literature review with findings from the staff questionnaires to see how we can adapt practice to correlate new supervision protocol.
The proposed questions are:
1. Do you feel you have enough time to prepare for supervisions?
Yes No Unsure Prefer not to answer
2. Would you find it useful to have a pre supervision questionnaire to bring to the meeting? We could supply this a week in advance.
Yes No Unsure Prefer not to answer
3. Do you feel you’re given enough time in supervisions to give your views?
YES No Unsure Prefer not to answer
4. Do you feel your supervision can be interrupted and not focused on you?
Yes No Unsure Prefer not to answer
5. Do you feel that the current format/questions are relevant to you?
Yes No Unsure Prefer not to answer
6. Do you fully understand the questions you are asked?
Yes No Unsure Prefer not to answer
7. Do you fully understand the reasons why supervisions are carried out?
Yes ...

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