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Negative Effects Of Sex In Advertising

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Advertisers around the world face one of their biggest challenges today which is to be able to break through the massive amount of commercials and advertisements that people see each day. The average person is opportuned to see about 2,500 advertisements each day. These advertisements can be from a commercial about a detergent that makes your cloth smell really good after washing it to another commercial that is about people seeing you as a celebrity because you are driving a certain brand of vehicle. So how can these advertisers differentiate themselves from the other commercials that you see everyday? They simply use sex. Sex in advertising can be defined as the use of any type of sexual imagery to draw the interest of the consumer to buying a particular product or service.
The use of sex in advertising as mentioned earlier is said to have boasted a lot company’s revenues, but it also has its negative side which has caused a lot of problems in societies around the world. The idea of using sex in advertising is a very smart way that advertisers use to gain attention of consumers, but it has it's negative effects like depicting women as sex objects, forcing sexual innuendos on children, causing body dissatisfaction among youths even adults and it also attracts negative backlash on the companies that use it. It can attract the wrong kind of attention and sometimes it won't lead to the company becoming a bigger and better brand.
First, sex in advertising has been proven to really have a negative effect on women. “Women often appear wanton, passive and child-like in advertisements, sending a message that such qualities are normal and even desirable in women”(Vaux, Robert). Women have fought through history to be seen as equal with men in the society, but the idea of sex in advertising seems not to be helping the fight. If you take a look at these commercials that we see nowadays women are not shown as powerful or equal to men, but rather they are shown as sexual objects. This has caused some women to have a low self-esteem. If you look at ads like the AXE Astronaut commercial, it gives men the idea that when they use that particular deodorant women will automatically want to be with them. Adverts like this tell men that it's not about what they say or what they have to offer intellectually, but it's just by the use of a particular deodorant and the woman of your dreams will come running to you.
Second, another victim that are affected by sex in advertising negatively are the children. The average child spends 900 hours a year in school, and 1,023 hours watching television (Downshen, 2005). This shows that children are the ones that been exposed most to these commercials. There are many negative effects that come with children being exposed to such type of inappropriate content. Due to their age children are quick to observe and then try to imitate what they watch on television. These advertisers that use sex in their commercials in order to sell...

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