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Undocumented Workers Essay

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The number of undocumented workers in the United States has increased since the rise of our economy. An undocumented worker is a person in a country, like the United States, without the right documents to be proven to be allowed in the country. Many reasons are blamed for the increase of these undocumented workers. Undocumented workers increased because the change in law of the United States made it impossible for foreign workers to go to the country (Zoltan). These laws made a chain of problems that the United States is still suffering today. One example of a problem is the decrease of American jobs. The problems of the United States caused by undocumented workers can be solved by supporting Mexico and other countries to make more jobs in their own countries, to reduce numbers of undocumented workers in the United States.
Undocumented workers are considered a problem to the United States, but they also provide benefits to the country. One of the points that favor the United States to having undocumented workers is their taxes without benefits. Undocumented workers pay a lot of taxes that could benefit themselves, but due to lack of documents these undocumented workers get no benefits. In 2007, the tax dollars received by the Social Security Administration from unknown people reached a record of $90.4 billion. Some of those people are identified as workers that only made mistakes in their paperwork, but the government believe that much of those people were undocumented workers (Lantigua). Tax Return is one of the benefits an undocumented worker is lacking. Meyer stresses that,” The IRS offers people who are not eligible for a Social Security number a special tax identification number, so they can pay income taxes owed from money earned on jobs they are not allowed to have. Since 1996, about $50 billion in income taxes has been paid under this system” (Mayer). This system of payments to the government is the cause of tax that is not documented. Another benefit of undocumented workers is their ability to accept even the lowest class of jobs just to earn money. Many jobs that are rarely liked by Americans are taken by undocumented workers. These jobs are a way for undocumented workers to earn income. These are the known benefits that United States gets from undocumented workers.
There are many cons to having an undocumented worker in the United States, but one is the most important. The most known disadvantage that the United States has to suffer from undocumented workers is the decrease of jobs for Americans that citizens would like to get. “99%” of Restaurant owners have been knowingly hiring undocumented workers who lack valid documentation to prove their citizenship here in the United States (Washington).Increasing numbers of business owners doing this lowers the jobs of American citizens greatly. Many businessmen like undocumented workers because they work hard without large pay. These are the reasons the average business owners prefer...

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