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Undocumented Workers In The United States Do Not Take Away Jobs From U.S. Citizens

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Have you ever stopped to think how much you would do for your family? You should think about what Immigrants do for their family. Immigrants cross the border everyday. Americans think that they just "walk over", "no big deal." You never hear the real story; you never hear how they are treated. Once they actually get across, they get to live like they deserve, lavishly, right? That's far from the truth. They cross the border and get low-paying jobs (usually 2 dollars an hour) and that's still better then what they would receive in their homeland. Isn't that something? Some Americans say that Immigrants are taking away jobs. What American would be willing to work for 2 dollars an hour as a janitor or maid? Not many. One American women, in the video Natives: Immigrant Bashing on the Border, said "Immigrants come in the US, take away jobs from "us" and then live on welfare." Americans need to look at the whole picture instead of one part of it or what the media tells us. Immigrants are not taking away jobs from Americans.

Desperate to find better employment opportunities, migrants are continually losing their lives by crossing the Mexico border. In the Diary of the Undocumented Immigrant, it explains what Mexicans have to go through. Having to trust smuggliers, paying them hundreds of dollars just to get them across the border and there's no guarantee that they will actually make it across. Martin explains, in the Diary of the Undocumented Immigrants, the condition of the place they had to stay in, "The house in which we take refuge is built in the rear of a house of concrete. It has four rooms, but in the two of them, part of the brick walls have fallen down. The roof is asphalt sheeting. There's badly rusted bed in each of the two better rooms. Their mattresses are filthy and stained and their coverings are torn...." It also states that twenty-four people had to stay in that house. It also explains what happens while crossing the river, "The River is swollen and its swift current makes a sound like that of a coming storm. The water is dirty and thick and stained gray, like the color of dirt on the riverbank. Pieces of wook and branches flost on it's surface." Martin and the other...

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