Uneducated People Lead To Uneducated Leaders

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Children in India are under-educated or even denied the right to education, so what can be done to persuade the government to focus on improving educational services? Under the leadership of corrupted politicians, India has not been able to develop its educational system, decreasing the access to schools to Indians. Although some reforms have been put in place by public and private institutions, such as the government opening 2,500 new schools, and increasing the financial support that it provides to the schools, Indians right to education needs to be fully reinstated.
The Indian government is aware of the fact that children are not receiving education but it chose to not do anything about it. Indian education started regressing when India stopped using the gurukul system. The gurukul system was a system where there was a group of boys who were taught by one teacher in all subjects. The gurukul system came out of use when “the modern school system was brought to India, including the English language, originally by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay in the 1830s” (The Edu. System in India”2). The modern school system consist of more students and there is a greater difference between the ration of teachers to students. Also, had the modern school system not have been introduced to India than the quality of education in India would have been greater. The modern school system destroyed the sense of loyalty that the students had for the teacher and vice versa. The modern school system is being affected because it does not have the financial support from the government. The government is not investing enough money into its modern education system which is leading to the regression of education in India. The World Bank stated, “In 2010 India invested 10% of its total earnings to the education system” (“government expenditure”2). Whereas the average of other nations is around 15-20% of their total income (“Public Spending on education”). India’s GDP is 1.842 trillion, 10% of the that amount may seem like a lot but when that money has to pay for the education of 440 million children and the paycheck of the teachers that teach them, and keeping the schools in good condition, that number becomes extremely tiny. The Indian caste system is prohibiting a majority of the poverty stricken people from attending a school. The Indian caste system has the Brahmins (learned class) at the top this means that they are given the right to an advanced education and are considered to be priests, followed by the Kshatriyas (rulers) the Kshatriyas know from the moment that they are born that they will be rulers and warriors, then the Vaishyas (merchants) the Vaishyas are merchants and all they ever learn is how to run a business and most of them hardly ever go to school, then the Shudras (laborers) are considered too low to gain an education and their destiny according to society was to do labor work, and lastly the Dalits (untouchables) the Dalits are considered untouchables...

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