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Unelected Representation Of Lgbti Community In Slovak Republic

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Every day, throughout the world, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people face violence, harassment and discrimination because they reject socially imposed gender roles and because they have intimate relationships with same sex partners. LGBTI activism has had increasing and intensifying tendencies for the last hundread years, and is still becoming stronger and more widespread. The main aims of the activists is to get rid of homophobia, and discrimination in all of its aspects. And they have done some progression, for example in same-sex marriages. With Netherlands' constitution of same-sex marriage in 2001, the number of countries with legalized non-heterosexual partnerships has been increasing steadily. By december 19th ,2013, the number increased to 16 countires, plus Mexico and United States of America where these marriages are legal only in some jurisdictions (Pewforum, 2013). Progress in the rest of the areas has been made aswell. Constant pressure and actions of unelected representatives of LGBTI was one of the factors that helped to achieve this.
In Slovakia, the situation is not progressing forward as fast as in the rest of the western world. There are many reasons for why the situation is like that, but that is a question for another paper. Instead this research shall be a theory-based analysis of the situation of LGBTI community in Slovak Republic and how the interests of this minority are represented on various levels in political life. Since there are no elected representatives of this minority in Slovakia, different unelected entities will be considered only, and how they influence the LGBTI situation. There are many NGOs, local figures, celebrities, interest groups and other institutions who are working on ensuring better living standards for LGBTI persons in Slovakia including various forms of activities from social, political, to educational ones. To be even more specific this paper will follow and analyze the representation of LGBTI people on political level. How are representative claims of these organizations legitimate? Is this representation sufficient and successful? In the first part representation claims of the most prominent organizations shall be looked at, later we shall focus on specific efforts of them and see what they resulted in with help of the social movement and framing theory.
For the sake of simplicity this research paper will use the abbreviation LGBTI (standing for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersexual people) which includes all sexual minorities, even though its name does not express all of them.

Claiming to represent
To be able to recognize the informal non-elected representation of LGBTI by the most significant entities in Slovak Republic framework of representative claim by Michael Saward will be used. Focusing on the representative claim helps us to take non-electoral reresentation seriously and it helps us to realize the contestability of...

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