Unemployment And Poverty In South Africa

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Poverty and Unemployment
South Africa is a country that is known for its beautiful and colourful scenery and culture. Unfortunately, South Africa is also known for a very horrible time in its history, namely Apartheid. Apartheid was a time in South African history when racial groups were separated and segregated according to race. The black people were segregated on more than other races and treated very poorly. Unfortunately, this time in history, may be the main reason why poverty and unemployment is such an issue in this country.
According to Oxford Dictionaries, poverty is the state of being extremely poor; it also defines poverty as the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient ...view middle of the document...

Post 1994, we are faced with higher statistics for the bad and ugly that South Africa has to offer as opposed to the good.

What causes poverty? Is it born? Inherited? Poverty is all of these things. Depending on how it strikes and presents itself, poverty can and may be all of these things. Poverty is said to be a cycle that repeats itself until it is broken. The inly effect method known to man to break the cycle of poverty, is to break the cycle of unemployment. It is only when a person is working that they are able to improve their lives, the lives of their families and that of the people (community) that surround them. How will a person be able to do this if they are not equipped both mentally and physically to do this?
According to Woman and poverty black woman in rural areas are the ones who are faced with an even greater task to be able to break the cycle because of the lack of resources that are available. Men in rural areas go to urban areas to go find employment. They leave their wives and children behind and only visit on special occasions, like Easter and Christmas. Each time they come to visit, they always make sure they impregnate their woman. In the event where the man is to die and the woman happens to have a child or children who are between 15-18 years old, that child is forced to stop school. If it is a girl child, they get married. If it is a boy, they go to an urban area to go find work, which most likely end up in them finding themselves in the same fate that befell their father.
When a young female is taken out of school at a tender age to become a wife, it is most likely to a much older male. She is told to stop going to school and is used as a breeding instrument. She is forced to give birth year after year. Forced to clean, cook and do laundry without any hope of improving or bettering herself. This is unfortunately the fate she finds herself, and most likely the same fate that befell her mother and grandmother. When a young boy is sent to an urban area and is unable to find employment, he is forced to turn to alternative options, options that might not always be legal.
Crime is one of the leading by-products of unemployment. When a young person, being of the full knowledge that they have a family and siblings that looks towards him for income and food, they tend to get desperate when they are unable to find employment. Some are told that they do not have the correct qualifications, others that they do not have enough experience, and others are just not literate enough to be the right candidate that a certain company is looking for. It is after a series of rejections that one turns into a life of crime. Others sell drugs, whilst others decide that being a professional criminal is the way to go. They steal cars, commit armed robberies and home invasions, some even join gang and hold heists and transit cars hijackings. With all the reasons as to why a person is unable to find employment, one may ask the question: Is...

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