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Unemployment And The Temporary Foreign Workers Program In Canada

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Over five years after the 2008 economic crisis, the Canadian economy is still in rough waters. Annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth has been lagging below 2% and falling short of economists’ predictions (Hodgson, 2014), with no small part due to the stunted American and European recoveries. Tied into this is the country’s unemployment rate, which has hovered around 7% for over a year, while the rate for those aged 15-24 is nearly double, at 13.6% (Statistics Canada, 2014). Clearly, there is a need for more jobs in the country. At the same time, however, Canadian companies have been bringing in Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) to fill what they call a “jobs gap”: that there are places in ...view middle of the document...

The other province hosting a large fraction of workers is Ontario, with 50,000 TFW positions in 2012, which may come across as counter-productive, due to the province’s higher unemployment rate of 7.5%. However, it is the types of jobs that are being filled that give further explanation to why employers are seeking out foreign workers, and what their intended use is.
While there has been discussion within the media and among elected officials about a “skills gap,” the reality is that temporary foreign workers are not being brought in to take high-paying, long-lasting positions; if anything, the vast majority of the work being filled is generally unskilled. In the Prairies, where the most TFWs have found work, the top occupational groups filled include restaurant workers such as cooks, servers and counter attendants; truck and other vehicle drivers; and carpenters and insulators (Economic and Social Development Canada, 2013). In Ontario, general farm workers make up a quarter of all positions, with nannies and greenhouse workers rounding out the top three. None of these positions are ones that Canadians are jumping to fill: they are mainly entry-level positions that require long hours and hard manual labour. To suggest that TFWs are therefore taking Canadian jobs is disingenuous, as it could be argued that if foreign workers did not fill these jobs, the jobs would simply not be filled at all.
Adding to this is the geographic issues that come from living in the second-largest country in the world, one with rich natural resources scattered across vast areas of terrain. The Alberta oil sands boom is a perfect example of this. In regions like Fort McMurray, which have seen explosive economic growth due to oil extraction in the area, unemployment is close to, and at times has fallen below, 4% (Maimona, 2013). There is a need for more workers in the labour force, but physically getting to the region can be a challenge: Fort McMurray is located 500 kilometres north of Edmonton. Other municipalities that have seen rapid growth due to oil sands development, such as Grande Prairie and Cold Lake, are also hundreds of kilometres from any major city (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, 2014). In Ontario, farm and greenhouse workers can find themselves hours away from the nearest metropolitan areas. The end result of this is that Canadians looking for work would have to pack up their entire lives and move—possibly across the country—to a remote area, all to work a low-skill job that offers very little in growth or promotion. Because of this, it is entirely understandable that industries and businesses in those low-labour areas need to look outside of Canada’s borders to find workers to fill the gap.
In addition, despite all of those elements restricting Canadians from being able to fill the available jobs, the federal government still has strict rules and regulations on how business operators must go about finding and hiring TFWs. The most-critical...

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