Unequal Pay Causes The Women’s Professional Soccer To Fail

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Equality between people is what makes the United States of America different from other nations. Ironically, in the United States professional soccer leagues there is a dearth of gender equality. This can be seen through the gender difference in salary. In 2013, professional women soccer players were yearly being paid $15,000 each, about nine times less than the men earned (Bloomberg BusinessWeek). Just like the United States, Australia also faces unequal pay between men and women in professional soccer. Many professional women soccer players that can’t support themselves off their salary. This not only makes the players want to quit, but also makes future generations not want to take part ...view middle of the document...

After 3 seasons, the league failed to continue running and ended in 2003. Within four years, the launch of the Women’s Professional Soccer League (WPS) was announced and began play in the fall of 2009. The WPS held the same fate as the WUSA and crumbled down after the 2012 season. In hopes of establishing a successful women’s professional soccer league, the National Women’s Soccer League was formed for the 2013 season. To this date, the league still holds its ground.
2. The Difference in Salaries Between Both Genders
In addition to the crumbling leagues, the professional women soccer players experienced unequal salaries in comparison to the men. In the 1991 Women’s World Cup, the women’s team was promised a sum of $50,000 (Christopher 52). In 2003, the women’s national team was given $25,000 for winning 3rd place, while the men were awarded $200,000 each for reaching quarter-finals in the 2003 Men’s World Cup (Women’s Sport Foundation). The men’s team had one thing the women’s team failed to have, money. This money trend only worsened over the next decade. In 2013, some players were being paid as little as $6,000. Many players quit playing professional soccer because they couldn’t support themselves. The results of failure to equally pay the women players lead to the downfall of the women’s soccer in the United States.
3. Equal Pay for Both Genders in United States Professional Soccer
Fair pay for both genders in United States Professional Soccer is the most appropriate solution to resolving this problem. First, the women’s players would have their annual salaries raised to $80,000. Then, women wouldn’t have to quit soccer for more money. Next, the men’s salaries would be lowered to $80,000. Equal salaries will create the gender equality missing in America. The...

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