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Advertisements became the most powerful tool companies use to create product awareness to audience through which they highlight the product or service benefits. Advertisements seen everywhere around us in magazines, TV channels, webpages and posters in the streets. Advertising is a way that companies and organizations use the media to market their products through to a mass audience. Companies now assign a significant amount of their budget for the advertising sector to drive the sales of their products and services. However, unfortunately, nowadays many organizations neglect the ethical standards and mislead people through their advertisements by giving false claims about the ultimate benefits of the product. Others offend a certain gender or ethnic by playing on the emotions of people to encourage them to buy the product. Unethical advertising offend and misleads many individuals in the society, it is an indecent phenomenon that ...view middle of the document...

We can see sexual women in all kinds of advertisements of products from cosmetics and fashion to food and airlines. I do not see any logic in the presence of a sexy woman in a petroleum company or auto spare parts advertisements. This narrow view of woman and the attempt of marketing products through her body humiliate women and belittle her. People should oppose these advertisements that offend half of the world’s population by trying to frame them as sexual bodies and demand the government to enforce rules and regulations that stop this abuse.

Also, some advertisements use children as a persuasive tool for convincing the audience to buy the product or target children in their advertisements. The appearance of children in any commercial will unconsciously influence your perception on a product which will eventually affect your decision in buying the same. Companies found this method successful and persuasive therefore it’s widely used by them in products that might not be intended for children such as telecommunication and mobile services or insurance companies. Another way of mistreating children is targeting them as the main audience while promoting products or services using bright colorful themes and cartoon characters to influence children, they focus on converting those products from minor needs to major needs, where children would feel inferior if they don’t own it similar to PS and X-Box.

Furthermore, Advertising companies tend to exaggerate about the benefits of their advertised products and use unverified claims to grab the attention of the customers. Some advertisements exaggerate the benefit, size, physical appearance, and the problems associated with not using the product. The people can notice the fast food advertisements where the burger is really big, meat is fleshy, lettuce and tomato are just cropped where the reality is in most cases this is far from the truth. Also, some drug manufacturing companies present their medicine in the advertisement that it is the magical cure that will certainly benefit you not mentioning its limitations and side effects. This kind of claim give people hope but in many cases results in the disappointment of the patient.

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