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Unethical Behavior By A Mental Health Counselor

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss Joe, a mental health counselor and his action on
treating Jill. Jill's was looking for help in dealing with mild anxiety and depression dealing with
her job. After treating Jill for three weeks she disclosed she was having trouble with her
sexuality. Joe reacted with shock and disbelief. Under the APA Joe violent Standard 2:
Competence. First he broke 2.01 Boundaries of Competence; Joe didn’t have the proper training
and education for treating Jill. (APA, 2003).
Under ACA, Joe violated A.1.a. Primary Responsibility (ACA, 2005).
That in addition with 10.10b Informed Consent to Therapy. Joe is a traditional
Catholic. Who felt that Jill issues ...view middle of the document...

Here again he should have
referred her to someone else.
Jill went on to talk about her depression. Months later, she revealed that she wanted a
closer, intimate relationship with him. Joe liked Jill, but knew the rules about councilor and
patient relations. Sex is a great big no-no. It falls under ACA Standard 10: Therapy, 10.05,
10.06, 10.07 and 10.08. Under ACA A.5 Roles and Relationship With Clients.
He finally did something right they both agreed to terminate the counseling relationship.
These codes do not provide specific answers to Joe about the ethical dilemmas he would

encounter, but they do offer general guidance. Although there are specific differences among the

ethics codes of the various professional organization, (Koocher and Keith-Spiegel ,2008) note a

number of similar themes:

• Promoting the welfare of consumers
• Practicing within the scope of one's competence
• Doing no harm
• Acting ethically and responsibly
• Avoiding exploitation
• Protecting client's confidentiality and privacy
• Upholding the integrity of the profession by striving for apparitional practice

Unfortunely in the end Joe agreed to meet her for dinner to talk about a referral. They ended up
in bed. He broke the sex role Under ACA A.5 Roles and Relationship With Clients. In addition
to A.5.a,...

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