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Towards evening, they arrived at their destination, but it was not at all what they had been expecting. The three adventurers found themselves walking into the lobby of the two storey high building. A few minutes before, their jeep had coasted to a stop in front of the building. The three adventurers gawked at the broken down mansion that they were going to stay in for the night. Its outside walls had crumbled, and its pillars were threatening to collapse. It was damaged beyond repair. Their friends had dared them to stay a night in the old mansion near their place that was believed to be haunted. It was going to be torn down soon, and so the trio had accepted the dare.The door had collapsed long ago, leaving the frame where the hinges of the door once hung. The outside refurbishment of the mansion was already in tatters. There were gaps in the roof where tiles had slipped away and cracks had developed in the walls. The trio made their way through the passageway which led to the living room. The cornices held cobwebs, and their footsteps were imprinted on the dusty floor. As they walked, they noticed that there were some irregular marks on the floor and on the walls of the passageway. Marks that were once red but turned brown with time. Slightly jolted by the sight, the trio took a deep breath and pushed on into the slowly darkening passage. A few steps later, and a door blocked their way.Alvin, at the front, felt for the doorknob. The three adventurers tumbled into the living room of the old house, and froze. The last rays of the evening sunlight shone into the room. A glance around revealed that the room was in a habitable condition. The few pieces of furniture lying in the room looked like it has been recently used. It does not make sense. They knew and saw that this building was already going to be torn down. And yet there were some fingermarks on the dust, and there were some places where the layer of dust had been wiped clean off the furniture. It seems that there was somebody staying here recently, but who would stay in such a broken down house? It was deserted for so long that it was even believed to be haunted.The three stood awkwardly in a group together in the centre of the room, deliberating on whether they should stay or leave. After a few minutes, with the initial shock over, Alvin told his friends, "It looks okay. Let's go ahead with our plan and carry out our dare. Simon, you and Theo go look for a room for us to stay tonight. I will see if I can turn on the electricity supply from the cellar."Simon and Theo scouted up the stairs and creaked open the door of the first bedroom upstairs. What they saw was a bedroom in exactly the same habitable condition as the living room. They never bothered with the switch because Alvin had only just descended into the basement, and it would take some time before he found the correct switch to turn on the power supply. They closed the door and moved to check the other rooms.Alvin felt his way...

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