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Unexpected Price Tag On Technology Essay

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The use of technology has propelled our modern day lives into being productive, efficient, and convenient. Society holds in high regards our ability to simultaneously send a text, watch a video, and use the restroom. It has become the goal of our existence to share the most tweets, and have the latest apple product. The advancements in technology are what make these wonders possible. Even so, all good things must come at a price. The down payment one places on an iPhone is nothing in comparison to the amount users will eventually pay if they continue their constant plugged in state. Recent studies have shown that while our smartphones may be smart study helps, they are in most cases not ...view middle of the document...

This lack of concentration usually leads to behavioral problems, and learning deficiencies (I).
The modern day student usually tends to mindlessly transcribe data into their choice of digital device instead of effectively taking notes and focusing on what is important in a lecture. This makes it nearly impossible for them to break down complex ideas, and it opens them up to be distracted by the enticing world of the internet and mobile apps (b). Carr sites a study done by the University College of London which charted student’s usage of two educational article sites. The university tracked the spans of time students spent on certain articles and how quickly they would jump to other pages without ever returning to finish the original article. This showed strong evidence that many students had lost the ability to focus on one concept at a time without being distracted or losing interest (k). This lack of concentration can be seen everywhere and not just in students participating in a college course. A survey through an entrepreneurial website showed that over 64 percent of the average corporate employees, regardless of the company or their position, wasted at least an hour a day on un-work-related sites such as Facebook (m).
Many individuals believe that they can make up for their lack of focus and lost time by using the multitasking skills they have obtained from constantly using various devices. However, contrary to popular belief new research studied at Brown University by Summer Allen in 2013 has proven the brain is much less productive when attempting to multitask. The brain is forced to split the task between both of the main hemispheres causing stress on the prefrontal cortex, making it harder to complete the tasks efficiently or in a timely manner (n). Attempting to multitask causes an individual’s IQ to drop by at least 10 points; this percentage of decrease is comparable to the number of points lost when a person is under the influence of something such as marijuana (j). Yet daily, people are plugged into more than one device at a time, attempting to catch up on everything simultaneously.
Dr. Matt Gardiner, an ophthalmologist at Mass. Eye and Ear discussed other negative effects of constant screen time. He explained how the average person blinks about fifteen times per minute, but when using smart phones that rate is cut in half causing eye stress and dry eyes. Other common symptoms from daily technology use shown were shoulder and neck tension, face muscle contortion, and headaches (c).
Because technology has created the possibility of more work being done in an office setting, more people have back and neck issues from constant strain. Computer users do not tend to sit with proper posture and this, overtime, can even cause deformities in the spine. Harvard research has found iPads are particularly problematic because it causes worse strain on the neck (f).
Many sleep disorders have also been tied to the overuse of technology...

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