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Unfair Advantages: The Loss Of Lowering College Acceptance For Athletes

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College bound students around the world are in search of an easier route to be accepted into college. What about college athletes? These students are those who stand out. Many college athletes feel as though they deserve a “reward” for enhancing the school’s program. Though they may deserve acknowledgement of their participation, lowering admission standards will lower their effort in school as well. Intercollegiate athletic programs corrupt their educational institutions by advertising a double standard and devaluing scholarships in favor of athletic competition.
The lowering of admission for student athletes is not beneficial for one’s academic standing because it encourages the student(s) to be lazy. Often, entire programs are implicated to academic scandals, which leads to professors changing grades without proper authorization (Gurney). In a Atlanta Journal- Constitution article, the reporter does extensive research on the gap between an average accepted student to an athletes SAT scores. There is nearly a difference nearly 200 points from those students who were average of the student body. In Alison Go’s article “Athletes Show Huge Gaps in SAT Scores,” she states a similar problem occurring in many colleges:
Now the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has gone ahead and quantified that by comparing average SAT scores and grade-point averages of athletes with the rest of the college's student body. Not surprisingly, football and men's basketball players came out on the bottom, and some averaged hundreds of points lower on SATs than their classmates.
The Journal-Constitution studied 54 public universities, "including the members of the six major Bowl Championship Series conferences and other schools whose teams finished the 2007-08 season ranked among the football or men's basketball top 25."
We all suspect that big-time student athletes sometimes aren't the best and the brightest academically.

Students tend to have a lackadaisical attitude toward academics when focusing heavily on athletics. So much of a student-athletes time is consumed by their particular sport, that it creates less of a time frame to complete sufficient work. Teachers are sometimes pressured to require less of students that are athletes from parents, co-workers and even administrators. This creates an image that it is okay for those with athletic ability to perform lower in class than those who are not as athletically equipped.

Let us be real. Requirements and standards for athletes are much lower than those of an average student. This theory leads to students believing that it is acceptable to work less than the average person, having those who participate in sports to succeed. Recruiting athletes based off athletic competence is unfair to students because the lower standards create an inequitable advantage, and the standards have the ability to take away from the athlete’s future (Atlas). The average student who gets accepted into a well-known institution is one who...

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