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Unfair, Unacceptable, Unethical Essay

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3.38 million animals were subjected to unfair experiments in Canada in 2009 (PETA Animal Experiments: Overview). Every year thousands of animals are exposed to life threatening substances, just so companies can test their product on them. Big manufacturers and companies take the risk of killing innocent animals to test for faulty products. Humans do not want to be exposed to this asinine concept, and the only thing that separates humans from the animals being tested on is that the animals have no way of resisting from the test tubes and vials. Animals testing is unethical because it can cause humans harm, it is very costly, and it harms innocent animals.
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On multiple levels companies put out and waste money to have animals to test their product on. The companies have to pay for the animals to be housed, fed, and they have to pay for any veterinarian costs for animals damaged and/or injured in the process. The companies continue to pay for products to test with such as syringes and needles, and they have to pay for all the substances wasted on the animals for tests, for example the cost of all the medicines injected into the rabbits. The money the companies spend on the process of animal testing all comes from the money they make back from selling their product, therefore all the money for the animal testing comes from the unaware humans buying the product, thus supporting animal testing. Animal testing is very expensive and all the money for it comes from the public.
Innocent animals are harmed in the process of animal testing. Animal testing is inhumane as it is cruel and causes pain among animal. Over 1 million animals in the UK in 2012 were harmed, injured, and/or put in severe pain from being tested upon (PETA Animal Experiments: Overview). Animals that were meant to live and roam free were put in captivity and breaded for testing upon. The animals who are subjected to being in captivity then have shorted lives, therefore, even...

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