Unfaithfully Yours Sound Editing Film Art Essay

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Yasmine El Omari
Introduction to Film
Screening #6
Unfaithfully Yours (Preston Sturges, 1948)
The conductor Sir Alfred De Carter (Rex Harrison) returns to New York after a long series of concerts given in the country. His beautiful wife Daphne De Carter (Linda Darnell), of whom he is madly in love and with whom he forms the model of a perfect couple, greets him. However, he learns by the words of his brother-in-law (Rudy Valee) that his wife may have cheated on him in his absence. Dejected and jealous, he imagines scenarios to get rid of his unfaithful wife. But the implementation of these radical solutions, yet effective in his fantasies, proves rather tricky in reality.
It would be interesting to analyze how is the music playing an important role in the movie, and how it changes throughout the film.
The beginning of the movie shows an orchestra playing in front of an audience, which set the nature of the film as it makes the spectators know that the sound and music is going to play an essential role in the movie.
At one point in Unfaithfully Yours, after the main character learns that his wife might has deceived him, he imagines three scenes to get revenge. Through three camera movements (a long tracking shot to the eye of Alfred De Carter) during the long sequence of his concert, we enter the mind of the conductor and witness three staging of the same situation performed by him. These three imaginary sequences, take on a disturbing tone and by the violence of their words reveal a dark and unstable part of the character's personality: he cuts his wife throat; he prepares his disappearance by writing a farewell letter; he perversely organizes a part of Russian roulette intended for supposed lovers who finishes very badly. Each of these imaginative situation are staged like they are "films in the film" and they intelligently matches the style of the music performed by the orchestra. Indeed,...

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