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The many messages ads try to place have many subliminal messages that are used to tap into the brain to get customers to do certain things. The publicity departments in many companies use special tactics to target certain audiences to buy or use their products so they can gain a profit. Furthermore, by using their tactics they can gain valuable customers for long periods of time if their customers enjoy their product very well. Research is the main weapon that large companies use to know what their customers want so they can put out the products they want so they will buy them in large numbers. Budweiser is not the exception in this hypothesis since they use many ideas and pictures since they want your money as any other company. Ads should only be used to explain what the product is, not try to use their mind control tricks to make us buy their products with our own will.
The Budweiser campaign for advertising is a massive amount since they spend millions of dollars every year making sure customers know about their product. The ad is in a typical format the company used at the time since advertising has change over the years. The ad scenario is about the typical way older man would hang out with their friend after a hard day at work but there is a twist since they are not in the backyard, man cave, or garage but in a kitchen. This is already not a common to see by most people in our society today since based on what the common scenario that has to be is mostly for women not men. The advertising here is very complex since it is already a mystery of why the advertising went the way it went by the creator.
The message of this ad is very strange since there is not definitive thing you can is the main message about this ad since the many elements that make up the ad battle one another, because of the concepts at hand. One could say that this ad is just plainly about four men hanging out together after a hard day at work and they just want to relax. While others would just say that this is just a misinterpretation of the role of men and women in the family life. And lastly other would say this are men together trying to work...

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