Unforgettable Day Essay

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Unforgettable Day
Do you have moments in your life that are frozen and burned into your memory? When I was in college, my three friends and I decided to go to Pokhara. Pokhara is a very beautiful and natural place. It has several beautiful lakes and get panoramic view of mountain peaks. It is also popular for trekking, rafting and a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Every year a lot of tourists come to visit Pokhara .Although, it is very close to my hometown but I had never gone to Pokhara before. I asked my parents that I want to go to Pokhara with my friends but they did not agree. They told me that they would take me next time and my friends could go with us .They tried to convince me a lot but I did not agree with them. I really wanted to go and I decided to go without parents’ permission. The trip was such an unforgettable for me.
I was very excited about trip. I was so thrilled that I could not sleep the night before. Next morning, I called a taxi and went to the airport. My two friends were waiting for me .That was my first trip with friends. I still remember our flight delayed an hour because of the weather. Finally, we flew and we were enjoying from the flight beautiful view of the mountain and beautiful scenario. We landed after forty- five minutes and went to the hotel .We put our stuffs and took breakfast. After breakfast we hired a taxi and told him to show us important places.
Although there were many places to visit, we did not have enough time. Only very important and famous places were our selection. We visited international mountain museum, fine art gallery, David falls, Bindhabasini temple and beganas lake .Even though there were so many lakes, Phew lake was our important destination. We hired a boat and embarked on the boat .We were very eager and anxious on boating .We were talking, laughing and boat sailor was...

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