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Good Versus Evil In The Movie Unforgiven Directed By Clint Eastwood

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The 1992 film Unforgiven, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, has a central theme that is one of good versus evil in which good overcomes evil by bringing justice to those who are evil. Munny has changed from the vicious murderer he was in the past and now wishes to bring justice to evil men who harmed the innocent prostitute Delilah and his friend Ned. The film is not quite the traditional Western film by any means as Eastwood’s character Will Munny has not always been a moral man. Nevertheless, Will Munny through the use of violence sets out to balance out the battle of good and evil by seeing that evil men get what is coming to them, even though Munny is no saint himself.
Munny knows that death is what he deserves for all of the terrible things he has done in the past. Several times throughout the movie Munny’s violent past is brought up; including the fact that he killed, sometimes for no reason at all, innocent women and children. Munny does not glorify his past actions but he also does not deny the fact they happened. His character simply wishes to move on from them. He has learned to control himself and to stop drinking alcohol which is quietly blamed as contributing to Munny’s violent past. Despite wishing to move on from his past, Eastwood’s character still acts as the bringer of justice when Delilah‘s face is cut up and when his friend Ned is murdered. He uses his killing skills from the past to serve justice, even though on the surface he has no right to do so. Munny is the anti-hero that serves justice making this film an untraditional western when compared with other westerns. He is not honest or noble but is still a bringer of justice through violence and death.
Violence is seen as the answer to bring justice in the film. When a pony is offered up as repayment for what happened to Delilah it is seen as not good enough or an insult to her by the women. It seems like no gift or apology will allow Delilah and the rest of the prostitutes to move on from the injustice committed. Little Bill wants to whip the man who...

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