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Unhealthy And Healthy Ways To Deal With Stress

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In the 21st century we are all familiar with stress, ranging from young to old, it is something we deal with that is apart of our daily lives. Everyday things like work, school, bills, and running errands are stressors that people tend to get distressed about. In our lives we are consumed with so many pressures such as trying to graduate from college, getting a good job, relationships, money, etc. that we tend panic. Stress can come from a variety of things and is the main cause of many problems in a our life’s. It is considered ,a mental or emotional strain coming from very demanding circumstances.The challenges we face in our lives put a strain on our bodies mentally and physically ...view middle of the document...

For smokers, a cigarette can be a good way to relieve some stress and calm your nerves. However, they are not only costly but in the long term contribute to serious health issues. On the other hand, like most of us a glass of wine can be a good way to unwind and relax, but excessive drinking can cause problems in your personal life, and much more in the long run. Then we have those of us who would rather spoil ourselves with nice gifts once in a while as a way to bring some joy or happiness, but buying things excessively and spending money you don't have on things you don't need, will lead to financial issues and add more to your stress. Lastly there are those of us who are emotional eaters. We are eating compulsively as well as eating unhealthy things, that can lead to excessive weight gain and health issues. These are all examples of ways most us rather cope with our stress but as you may see all they do is add additional stress to our lives.
It is vital for us to figure out positive and healthy ways to manage our stress, stress is something that is apart of life and we must learn to cope with these stressors so that we can live a long and healthy life. You must learn to avoid an unnecessary stress, alter your situation in a positive way, adapt to your stress by making changes, or accepting things you cannot control.Although it may be difficult not to slip into bad habits to find a good relieve.You can first start off with positive self motivational talks, self talks are good way to stay positive and motivate yourself when you're feeling down. For instance things like “("I can do this" or "Things will work out") will help deal with stress better than putting yourself down with negative remarks like ("I'll never get this done" or "I'm so stupid")”("Five tips to help manage stress.")....

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