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Unhealthy Dieting Essay

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A life time seems to go by so fast, but it’s spent by being involved in our own self appearance. In growing studies the United States leads the world in obesity rates. Non-stop fast food consumption and poor nutrition values contribute making an overall unhealthy diet. Unhealthy dieting does not only consist of eating too many saturated fats but also the use of pill popping and starvation. Even though pill popping and starvation seem like complete opposites, they can have a major affect on the body and mind. The center for disease control and prevention stated that 64% of adults in America are obese, that’s not including the 17 million people that are taking pills or even the use of starvation. Unhealthy dieting continues to plague the United States and, as a whole, needs to make a change.
There are many different ways to describing an unhealthy dieting this includes binge eating, starvation, and pill popping. These illnesses lead to serious problems in the future being both long term and short term. People wonder how these diets functon and what the leading problems, risks, and the overall effect of them. When there’s lack of food in a diet also know as starvation or anorexia. Anorexia may be the fastest way to obtain a smaller waistline in reality, “the first few pounds to go are usually water” (Forberg). “You can lose muscle mass-on-near-starvation diets; the body starts to feed on protein for substance” (Haupt) making it very dangerous. The use of a weight loss supplements works by speeding up a person’s metabolism and by making the user feel fuller with out the need of food. Beinge eating is a disorder when there’s a huge amount of food consumed and then regurgitated
All over tabloids glamorous pictures of young, beautiful women appear; there’s not one reason why a girl wouldn’t go on a crash diet just to look like the girls in the pictures. Diets are often learned at a young age. Children are taught by the media and sometimes their parents. Orenstin, author of “The fat trap” wanted her daughter to have a healthy self image and to avoid “fasting, popping diet pills, smoking, vomiting, abusing laxatives and binge eating” to help keep a skinny figure. So instead Orenstin tried not to show any care about her daughter’s diet and let her daughter eat what and how much she wanted. This was her form of an “antidiet” and she thought it was the right thing for her family and their being healthy. Despite the effort her little girl approached Orenstin and said “mama, don’t get f-a-t O.k.?” after that, over a long period of time, she tried not to teach her daughter about weight, but teach her about the media and how it will try to effect her daughter. The media plays a huge factor in every Childs life, it tells them how to look, what to wear, and even the toys they need to have. Many teens do the exact same thing, they listen to the media and try to have the same appearance as a size “0” model and that’s how the diets get started.

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