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U Nicef Essay

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Table of Contents UNICEF High School Club Fundraising Toolkit
About Fundraising 2 How to Fundraise 3 Managing Funds 4 Fundraising Activity Ideas 5 Sample Donation Ask Letter 8 Sample In-Kind Ask Letter 9 Sample Budget 10 Donation Transmittal Form 11 2
About Fundraising All of UNICEF's income comes from voluntary contributions - from governments, corpora- tions, nongovernmental organizations and individuals. The most effective way to support UNICEF's work is through monetary donations. These contributions allow your UNICEF High School Club to support UNICEF's programs in health, immunization, clean water, education, emergency relief and more.
Fundraising Strategies There are many ways to approach fundraising, and each approach has advantages and disadvantages. Select the fundraising strategy most appropriate for your school and community.
Available human resources. How many members do you need to implement the plan? Is your club large enough to plan the fundraising activity and commit to its success?
Time. Many fundraising activities take months of planning. How much lead time is needed to plan and implement your fundraising idea? Is there enough time to follow through on the activity?
Expenses: controlling costs. Covering and controlling the cost of any UNICEF-related activity is a critical job. Events that benefit UNICEF must be cost effective and viewed as appropriate to the community.
Expenses should not exceed 25 percent of all collected revenue. This goal should be outlined in your budget during the very beginning stages of planning.
Expenses: upfront costs. What upfront expenses are involved? UNICEF High School Clubs must pay for these expenses with their own money. Are there available funds to cover them? Can you obtain sponsors to help cover these costs?
Reimbursement. Please note that the U.S. Fund for UNICEF cannot pay or reimburse expenses relating to volunteer fundraising activities. After a fundraiser, UNICEF High School Clubs may keep up to 25 percent of the revenue raised (in cash received only) to offset related expenses.
Donations. How will you solicit donations from donors? What method of payment will you choose: cash, check or online donations? Are you fundraising for a specific UNICEF program/ country? How will you acknowledge the donors?
Acknowledgments. Please note that the U.S. Fund for UNICEF is only able to acknowledge donations in the form of checks made payable to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF or made online at our website at or through our online fundraising tool. Donations made through a third party will not be acknowledged.
Receipts. The U.S. Fund for UNICEF is not able to give receipts to individuals, businesses or organizations that donate gifts either "in kind" or as auction items for your UNICEF High School Club activity. Because the donations are being made to your event...

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