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Uniform Crime ReportOften people wonder how do we know so much about certain types of crimes and what their impact is on society. The Uniform Crime Report put out by the FBI every year, has two major categories that does not cover all crimes but does give us statistics on the crimes that are committed in each of these categories. The Uniform Crime Report has two major categories, which include Violent personal crimes and Property crimes. Each category has four crimes that are related to that category. Violent personal crimes consist of the following; Murder/Manslaughter, Aggravated Assault, Rape, and Robbery. The next category is the Property crimes, which consist of Burglary, Larceny/Theft, Motor Vehicle Theft, and Arson. For each crime there are statistics such as clearance rates for each crimes. The FBI also needs to know which crime is the most reported and which crime happens the most often. The FBI gathers information from people to see what kind of crimes have happened in their area. Then when all the information is gathered from the public they move to the police stations to see what kinds of numbers they have for that year. They want to see if the numbers that the police have in their books co inside with the numbers that they have received from the public. When all of that information has been gathered they use it to form the Uniform Crime Report to see what crimes have made an increase or a decrease though out the year.Violent Person crimes are the crimes that are committed that directly affect the individual that the crime is happening to. In most cases the victim becomes seriously injured or killed while this crime is taking place. However the number of violent crimes reported to law enforcement has remained unchanged from a year ago, with approximately 1.4 million violent crimes reported. Compared to the 1999 figures, the 2000 violent crime figures declined .01 percent overall in the United States. However, violent crimes in cities with the population greater than 100,000 people fell 0.4 percent. The weapons that are used to commit violent crimes are what are called "personal weapons" such as hands fists feet, etc. These were used in 31.5 percent of all murders, robberies and aggravated assaults in 2000. Other dangerous weapons were used in 27.9 percent of all violent crimes. Firearms were used in 25.6 percent of all violent crimes and knives or cutting tools were used in 15.0 percent. For all the violent crimes the clearance rate was 47.5 percent in the year 2000. Of the crimes that were cleared 63.1 percent of them were murders and 56.9 percent were aggravated assaults that were cleared. Of the estimated 625,132 persons arrested for violent crimes in 2000, 82.6 percent were males, 84.1 percent were adults, and 59.9 percent were white. People less than twenty-five years of age made up 44.4 percent of all violent crime arrestees (Crime in the United States 2000 Uniform Crime Report, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S Department of...

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