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Uniform Crime Report Mala In Se Or Mala Prohibita

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Uniform Crime Report Mala in se or Mala prohibitaFoundations in Criminal JusticeDecember 24, 2007Many others before and many more will follow in the same foot steps that have committed so many individuals in jail cell, a violent act against another as an unequivocal direct result of a glance. There are many who would agree that they do not appreciate someone else intently staring at their spouse or significant other in an appealing manner that would cause anyone of a reasonable nature to feel uncomfortable and uneasy. However, that does not mean that the individual who has gotten offended can walk up and physically attack or touch another person. Although looking at someone is no crime, some may see it as morally wrong.The terms natural crime and positive law are disputed everyday in modern society. The question is: does one crime outweigh the other? Certain crimes occur in America in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has categorized as major crimes. It takes these crimes and publishes a yearly crime rate report that shows the progress or decline in preventing these major crimes from occurring. They are broken down in the following manner; "murder, forcible rape, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft and arson." Below I will be defining the eight major crimes, as described in the text and on the web, and deciding on what wrong is being done either against the law or in itself (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2005).Every jurisdiction considers murder to be one of the most serious crimes there is to commit, especially against another fellow officer. And when they are sentences they try to prosecute to the full extent of the law. The defining factor in the definition of murder is that it has to be an illegal killing of another human. What I mean by illegal killing of another human is that there is a way to have a homicide but have it a justifiable homicide. There is one way it may be justifiable and that is if its self-defense and the person was acting on one's own behalf, however, there is another justifiable homicide, and that is during time of war, if you kill someone protecting our homeland that is another justifiable homicide. I can not quite remember how I know this information; I just picked it up along the way during my educational schooling.Forcible rape is the carnal knowledge of a person forcibly against another person's will or when a victim is mentally or physically incapable of giving consent (South Carolina Law Enforcement, 2001). What also falls under this category are attempts to commit rape."Robbery is the seizing of another person's property through the use of violence or intimidation. More precisely robbery is defined as taking the property of another, with the intent permanently to deprive the person of that property, by means of force or fear (Garner, 2001)."Assault - Aggravated is a crime of violence against another person (Garner, 2001). In the United States, assault refers only to the...

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