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School uniforms are becoming a popular trend amongst schools. Students and even mostparents don't agree with the enforcement with school uniforms; stating thatuniforms take away the right of self-expression. School uniforms are not a negative thingto have. Yes, uniforms limit what the students have to choose to wear to schoolevery day, but it doesn't limit them from learning; the only reason they are inschool. Student treat school as a fashion show, so eliminating that puts thestudents' full focus on schoolwork. Although requiring students to wear schooluniforms may violate their self-expression in some ways, a uniform are supposedto be looked upon as a positive thing, because they eliminate bullying, combinesocial classes and gives the school campus a professionallook.The most common argument against school uniforms is that they take awaythe students right to self- expression. Yes, school uniforms limit what thestudents have to wear, but he/she can still have their own ways ofself-expression. Students canstill express their style of choice by the way he/she styles their hair and whataccessories they choose to wear. Their shoe choice is also a form ofself-expression. Students can make the uniforms their own style without breakingthe dress code. Just because a student can't wear the most fashionable jeans toschool doesn't mean that his/her rights are taken away. School is a place tolearn. Outside of school, kids can wear and express themselves any way theyplease.Requiring school uniforms eliminates the chances of bullying. Bulliesusually pick on kids based on what they wear. What happens when they are wearingthe same thing? Everyone will be dressed the same, leaving less room to getpicked on. Bullies won't have theneed to pick on someone as much as he/she would if uniforms were not required,because everyone would pretty much look the same, including the bullies. Whenpeople all look the same, there is really nothing for other kids to point outand make fun of. Uniforms provide a more bully- free environment for thestudents.Having uniforms in schools also erase the defined line of the...

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School Uniforms Essay

2204 words - 9 pages There have been a lot of people in the United States debating on whether or not wearing school uniforms since centuries ago. In the United States, most public schools do not require to wear uniforms. However, students are required to wear uniforms in private schools. While in most of the countries, either in a public or private school, require to wear uniforms. They even have summer and winter uniforms according to the weather. There are some

School Uniforms Essay

699 words - 3 pages Schools all over the United States argue and debate over if school uniforms should be required or not. Most schools that do require these school uniforms don’t have very happy students. Some people say making students wear these uniforms will stop a lot of problems. Kids won’t get bullied as much and won’t be judged on the clothing they like to wear. Other people say this wont change anything. Requiring students to wear uniforms isn’t going to

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651 words - 3 pages As many of us can see, most schools here in Singapore require their students to wear uniforms to school unlike schools in other countries like the United States of America or France where students are free to wear whatever clothing they want. When one thinks, one might question, why do Singaporean students need to wear uniforms? This is because Singapore's Ministry of Education strongly believes that by letting students wear uniforms to school

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671 words - 3 pages      Schools today aren't in the best condition. There is teasing, violence, discrimination, cliques, and poverty. There is much to say about how having mandatory school uniforms will help these problems. My question is, will uniforms help these problems enough to dismiss the hurt that they would cause? I say the uniforms do little to help.      Having uniforms would stop the teasing and

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1191 words - 5 pages School Uniforms There have been hundreds of thousands of arguments about uniforms. Mostly arguments about how useless they are. But why are schools trying to impose such a thing on students in a country where it is "the land of the free." Many battles have been fought for freedom, so why throw away all the hard work.The assumption is that schools will have less discipline problems, an increase in attendance, higher test scores, and an overall

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1855 words - 7 pages Do you think that a student should have to be afraid to walk home from school because he might wear the wrong gang color? Or even be afraid in school. Do the clothes on a student's back tell whom that person really is? These are only a few of the questions that need to be asked when considering school uniforms. School uniforms are a good idea because they restrict distractions in the classroom , reduce socioeconomic status , promote less

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1259 words - 6 pages Every year there is a large debate about school uniforms and whether they should be required in our public schools, or not. Some parents and school staff think that uniform policies should be enforced, as they feel it provides a sense of safety, structure, a lack of ridicule and modesty to our children. On the other hand, there are parents that argue that it takes away a child’s freedom of expression, independence, free spirit and individuality

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2772 words - 11 pages AbstractBoth school and home socioeconomic status have independent effects upon educational aspirations. It is appropriate to take steps to ensure that schools provide equal opportunity. School uniform policies do appear to represent a solution for some social issues faced by students today. The idea of school uniform policies for public school students is not new. Uniforms help to ameliorate the sense of needing to fit in with one's peers when

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766 words - 4 pages In 1998, a survey by the National Association of Elementary School Principals stated that more than one-fourth of American elementary and middle school students in ten states attend a public school where uniforms are being worn or are under consideration. Those advocating the use of uniforms claim they decrease violence, helps students concentrate more on work, and promote safety. Others argue uniforms violate the first amendment's right to

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1077 words - 4 pages Although many public schools are still against enforcing uniforms, they need to change this policy because uniforms are generally less expensive, cause grades to typically increase, and most importantly the behavior of students has improved. Some people feel that clothing should be a form of self-expression in the teen years. Adolescents need to a since of individuality that can often be shown through their clothing. For example if a girl is

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599 words - 2 pages School uniforms are such a major deal to students these days. They are always complaining about them. They say that the school should get rid of them. But what is so sad is that they can't seem to understand that these uniforms are for our safety. I will get to that point further on in the essay. For now I will like to state that I think that having to wear a uniform is not a bad idea.Uniforms at Bethune Middle School consists of a white collar

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Uniforms Essay

992 words - 4 pages What is the most heated debate in America’s education? School uniforms are one of the most heated debates. School uniforms are not suitable for the cold winter months, the girls who have to wear skirts will be cold. They don’t teach children how to deal with people who are different, they only teach children that in order to get along everyone must be the same. With so much stress about getting good grades and getting everything done on time

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685 words - 3 pages As stated in the Morning Call on January 11, 2013, “Uniforms will reduce bullying, teasing and disruption while also being a cheaper alternative for poor parents who struggle every year to afford new school clothes for their children”(Esack). Much like the Allentown Area School District, incorporating uniforms needs to be a priority for Pen Argyl High School. Not only will students have better attendance once uniforms are required, but one can

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1003 words - 5 pages By wearing school uniforms, students can improve the learning environment. Uniforms increase the students’ belongings and school prides. School uniforms reduce undesirable behavior because they put students in the right frame of mind to learn (Portner). Uniforms can be a useful tool in improving children’s learning skills and attitudes toward school. It increases the student achievement and level of preparedness. School requires children to put

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748 words - 3 pages The first idea of having students wear uniforms in public schools was thought of in the early 1980s by then mayor, Marion Barry. Marion believe that enforcing the use of uniforms would, “help public school students as though (they were in) in catholic schools.” The issues surrounding the mandatory use of uniforms in public schools has been a very controversial subject from school to school for numerous years. Allowing uniforms in public schools