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Leaders in Washington and school administrators continue to debate whether or not public schools initiate a mandatory school uniform requirement. Since the controversy surrounding these arguments’ implement a number questions, school administrators and parents throughout the United States struggle to conclude a decision if this mandatory policy is worthy. Individuals could conclude within reasons, that statistical studies are accurate or questionable. Some statistics are considerably detailed in regards to rebutting these claims, while others are only speculative research. Debates from, gang related colors, freedom of expression, grades were a concern, but the most interesting topic was peer pressure. Parents argued that with mandatory uniforms their children were more subjective to peer-pressure.
Peer-pressure by definition is “social pressure on somebody to adopt a type of behavior, dress, or attitude in order to be accepted as part of a group”. Having mandatory uniform policies may offer many benefits, for example, wearing similar type of clothing can decrease harassment between children; ultimately allowing children to feel that they are included as part of a group regardless of what they are wearing. The expressions of individualities are not exposed through clothing, rather than the way interactions which verbal communications is conducted. Giving a child a choice to express themselves verbally rather than their appearance, gives students valuable relation skills which can be used in classroom discussion. These types of interactions are paramount in the building stages of building self respect and understanding socialistic behavior, especially at a young age.
It is well known through social media and the commercials on television, fashion is a lucrative market. The clothing industry use advertisements campaigns to demonstrate that their clothing line is hip, trendy, and “a most have”. Enticement is a technique used by advertisers for many years, although despiteful, targeting younger children or young adults to emulate inspire, or a power to act in-different because of their clothes, play an important part of social acceptance. You may agree or disagree with that statement, but think about going to a weeding in jeans and a t-shirt, would you be accepted or ridiculed due to your appearance? Of course nobody wishes to be ridiculed by family or friends, neither do young students. This type of behavior will never be illuminated, but can be greatly reduced by means of enforcing an affordable uniform policy which all families of various incomes can capitalize on.
Each year, new clothing designs are offered appealing to children of all ages; parents with sustainable amounts of income can provide a child with the latest fashion trends, but whatever happens to those parents on a limited budget? Most students find themselves neglected or even worse, forced to wear clothing called “hand me downs” which are tawdry and...

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