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Uniforms Should Be Required Essay

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Does schools having uniforms create a more positive environment? Can uniforms make safer schools? Will students still be able to express themselves in uniforms? As a matter of fact, there are many advantages for schools having uniforms. Students should be required to wear uniforms throughout the United States. Requiring uniforms in all schools will help because of the many benefits, safety, and statistics proven behind wearing uniforms.
There are many benefits for making uniforms required to be worn in schools. According to US department of education (2014), uniforms are greatly cheaper than what students like to wear to schools today. Students compete with each other over who has the ...view middle of the document...

Many schools have had to give students suspensions and detentions due to what they have shown up to school in. Schools will greatly benefit if all students just wore the same thing. Students are still able to express themselves in uniforms through the way they style their hair and what shoes they decide to wear. Students everyday are bullied in schools because of the clothes they decided to wear that day. Over 77% of kids are bullied sometime during their life during school. Maybe simply adding uniforms can bring down bullying at schools.
There are so many statistics that show that uniforms improve schools. According to French toast (2013), statistics show school pride is improved by 77% with uniforms because everyday students would have to show up to school with their logo or school name on them. Other statistics show 95% of teachers teaching students who wear uniforms agree that uniforms have influenced more positive behavior by the students. Schools in Long Beach, California switched over to requirement of uniforms in 1955 and received many great results. Crime rates went down by 91%, and suspensions were dropped by 90%. Vandalism was even shown to decrease. According to Hartman (2013), when Long Beach changed to uniforms the teachers even noticed that their students were even...

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