Uniforms: The Wrong Choice Essay

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The results from the implementation of uniforms have convinced many school boards to adopt similar philosophies. However, these results seem superficial and fantastical while limiting one's freedoms. How can a shirt or tie maximize learning and level economic differences? How can it be the solution to the problems, which schools are facing?Uniforms were first implemented to level or conceal economic differences of individuals in a school. Well, do they? Schools tend to sign contracts with certain clothing companies to manufacture these uniforms. These companies monopolize this market, raising the prices of uniforms to their desire. An average uniform in Toronto costs approximately $200. For financially challenged families, the price can be quite burdensome. With their limited funds, they have to sacrifice other important expenses for their children to afford one or two sets of uniforms. Children from these families have to wash their uniforms more often, thus reducing the quality of it. Therefore, the economic differences in schools can be simply seen through the 'cleanliness' or the 'condition of a shirt'.The economic difference in schools is only a small part of the controversy to uniforms. Many people, especially students, feel that uniforms are a violation of their rights and freedoms. Throughout history, clothing has been a key symbol of cultural and religious identity. It has evolved, in today's context, as a form of art and self-expression. Uniforms suppress that need. It imposes conformity upon students. If uniforms seem so promising, then it is truly a menace to expression. It forces students to wear undesirable clothing, destructs confidence in certain students, and denies the right for students to have a personal identity and expression (through their clothing). Regular clothing does not infringe these rights (if it is not offensive or cause harm to others). If implemented, uniforms are an abuse to a student's rights and freedoms. Then, how can a public institution enforce and/or support this?Uniforms seem so promising in increasing a student's 'performance', such as decreasing violence and increasing one's ability to learn through forced conformity. Therefore one can conclude that it...

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