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Unintended Consequences Israel From Palestine

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If you were surrounded by enemies and had no home, to where would you run? The fact is that this very question became a quandary for Jews, especially Zionists, long before the genocides of the Holocaust. In the decades before World War II, Jews sought a place to idealize their faith unhindered and away from governments and societies that ran against their operations. While they tried to assimilate with the cultures around which they lived, they stumbled more often than they soared. Appropriately enough, the international bodies that discussed this issue would consider both entirely separate and similar problems. They would encounter their own answers to the questions that the Jewish populations were facing, and it cannot be stressed enough that Israel was a quite distant thought, if ever considered at all. Before deciding on the Partition of Palestine, the United Nations considered factors as diverse as politics and social implications; however, the devastating Holocaust was a blow to Israel’s immigrant population and Zionist support; in fact, the creation of Israel sparked new problems for international relations.
The land of Palestine, which lies along the Eastern Coast of the Mediterranean, is a religious and historical hotspot for all three Abrahamic faiths: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. All three major world religions vie for rights to the locations held within, both for personal and spiritual pride, even today. Therefore, the inception of the primarily Jewish State of Israel on May 15, 1948 was not an actual decision of the United Nations. It partially resulted from the Partition of Palestine, which was agreed upon by members of the UN on November 29, 1947; while it did nothing to stipulate the statehood of the Jewish homeland, it was agreed upon and carried out (Jensehaugen). Even then, nationhood was entirely unintended. On the date of the state’s inception, events accelerated light-years beyond the plans of the UN: the new State of Israel was announced. This decision was that of Israel, not of a United Nations mandate (Friesel). The UN was still a budding organization; the idea that the creation of Israel was inspired by the young group is a common misunderstanding. There was absolutely no encouragement to specifically create the state from outside powers, even separate from the UN. While such nations may easily have had ties or investment to such an idea, none was willing to sponsor it outright. It was, however, swiftly recognized by the United States and the USSR, huge players - arguably the hugest - in the global landscape following World War II. After the civil war in Palestine in 1948 and 1949, the US scurried to recognize the legitimacy of Israel before the USSR (Jensehaugen). The timing of the Cold War was utterly perfect for the supporters of the creation of Israel. Zionists, Jews who were always present with the goal of establishing a Nation of Israel, were able to garner support for a project...

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