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Speech Emilio MunozUniqueness of Left handed peopleSpeechEmilio MunozHave you ever thought about how unique being left handed is? Left-handed people make up about ten percent of the worlds population, according to MedicalDaily.com. In this society, being right handed is typical more dominant than being left handed. Many people don't realize how much being left-handed effects everyday life. Throughout this paper, I will discuss how left handed people's brain work, next, how studies show the several advantages and disadvantages to left-handedness, and finally, the famous left handed people.The way the brain works is complicated. The left and right side is organized differently. The right side controls scientific skills, mathematical skills, logical skills, etc. The left side of the brain controls emotional expression, creativity, imagination and more. The left hemisphere controls the right handed side of the body and the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body. People who are left-handed rarely use hand gestures and body movements to express their feelings. They are also slower when it comes to making decisions. Left-handed people also love to learn about anything detailed, mathematical, or scientific and can easily memorize facts. Understanding the way left handed people think and learn is overall pretty complicated, but interesting to learn about.Next, I will move onto the advantages and disadvantages of being left handed. An advantages to being a lefty is it is easier for them to write backwards or upside-down because right to left is much more natural to left-handers. Another advantage for left handers is in sports. Since most players are right handed, many aren't used to dealing with their opponent being left handed. Lefties are also said...

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1306 words - 6 pages deemed a witch; drowning, she died in innocence (Thomas). [5]Although such outlandish actions may appear childish to the technologically advanced world of today, superstitions still exist, especially pertaining to left-handers. [2]For the purpose of most modern-day psychological and neuropsychological research, a standard definition for handedness has been established (Wolman 11). In the context of a left-hander, the definition is: “Anyone who

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535 words - 2 pages explain why there are more right-handed people. A recent "striking" discovery according to one researcher, Brenda Spiegler of Children's Hospital in Washington, D.C. (Brain/Mind Bulletin vol. 19, no. 6. March 1984) showed left-handedness on the increase. Not only that, but according to a test performed at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio, lefties scored higher in creativity than right-handers regardless of age. It went on to explain

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