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There are many types of voting systems. Two popular ones are the winner-takes-all and the proportional voting system. These two voting systems are a big effect in the world of elections.
First, is the winner-takes-all voting system which is also known as the majority/plurality systems. This is the one that is most common to people in the U.S. This is the type of system that is used to elect most officials in our government. There are four types of this winner-takes-all system: instant runoff, At-large, two round runoff, and single member district plurality. The most known one is the single member district plurality. This is what is used most of the time when we American’s ...view middle of the document...

S. today. The Federal judges have to make many decisions that can change the way laws are interpreted, and they decide on things like whether laws are unconstitutional or not. There are three main parts to this system.
First, the lowest part of the Federal Judicial System is the District Courts. This is where almost all federal cases start. They hold trials on criminal and civil crimes and make decisions from case to case. Due to the importance of certain topics like voting rights and changing of Congressional districts they are forced to make these decisions in three-judge panels.
Second, is the Circuit Court of Appeals. This is the court where district court decisions are reviewed if they are appealed. All decisions made in this court are based on past decisions that were already decided by the Supreme Court and the courts of appeals. Only about 1 percent of the appeals court’s decisions gets appealed to the Supreme Court.
Third, the last and final part of the Federal Judiciary System is the Supreme Court. This is where an appeal ends when a decision is made. The court currently has 9 justices. The Supreme Court is the most powerful court in the United States.
Fourth, there are many differences between the three courts. The differences are that the first court is kind of the place where a decision is made. The appeals court looks back over the case and reviews it for another decision. Then the Supreme Court makes the final decision over it. Basically, the each court checks the lower court’s decision by reviewing it to make sure the decision was accurate.
To conclude, the Federal Judiciary System is a very complex and important system of our government. Each of the three courts in this system make very important decisions...

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