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Unit 2 Assignment

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The expected stage of social development at the age of 4 years old is that children would be with other children, playing with and they start to understand the differences in people and their needs and so are able to get jealous and express anger whilst talking as well as physically and knows how to be creative.

The expected stage of social development for age 5 years old is that children will start to understand that having friends is good and they like to play more than being alone. They also enjoy playing in groups and participating in co-operative activities with others.

A suitable method for observing and recording the social development of 5 years old is a narrative ...view middle of the document...

Another reason that could affect a child's social development is if the child is being abused in some way. This could affect their social development because they may shy away from others and be anxious everywhere else. Practitioners get trained to spot any signs of abuse.

Snack and meal times can support the social development of children by allowing them to interact with others when sitting around a table with them and they are able to make friends this way which can give them more confidence in themselves and talking to others. However, you will have to make sure that you don't leave any of the children out, either because of their allergies, backgrounds or their cultures. For example, in some religions they sit on the floor when eating their food. However, this does not give you, as a practitioner the right to leave a child out. Every child has a right to equality in every care setting.

The effects on children from transitions could be that they cause them to show negative behaviour such as crying, being inappropriate and being quiet.
However, transitions do not always give a negative effect on children. For example, if a child gets a new baby brother or sister then they have someone to play with at home and this can also help them to develop their social skills as well as learning how to care for others.
Another transition that could effect the development of children could be a death in the family. This could effect a child's development because if it is a parent or someone else that lives with them such as a sibling they have that connection with the person and a relationship where they see them everyday, therefore the child will know straight away that there is something different with everyday living and this...

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