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The mission statement or corporate credo serves as an articulation of the fundamental principles at the heart of the organization and those that should guide all decisions, without abridgement stated by Murphy (as cited by Hartman, DesJardins, & MacDonald, 2014, p.164). In the article, “Do Codes Make a Difference?” Hartman, DesJardins, & MacDonald (2014) seek to explain Johnson & Johnson Corporation history and its credo in conducting business. After reading the article, I recognized that the corporation follow its statement of values and believes in the principles that were established by Robert Wood Johnson.
The Johnson & Johnson Corporation have withstood various problems that would have crippled other firms which can only be accounted with the cohesiveness of the corporation members and the internal structure of the corporation. Despite the corporation’s problems over the years their statement of values is an integral part of their corporation culture and how the firm continues to conduct business. “For us, the credo is our expression of managing the multiple bottom lines of products, people, planet and profits” Larsen (as cited by Hartman et al., 2014, p. 165).
The Johnson & Johnson Corporation has conducted business for over 60 years utilizing their credo in implementing their obligations to all of the stakeholders across the globe. Mr. Johnson attempted to share his philosophy, but it took him an additional 8 years to publicize his corporate credo and management to put it into action. “He believed that by putting the customer first the business would be well served, and it was” (Hartman et al., 2014, p. 165). The Johnson & Johnson’s reputation and credo was tested during the Tylenol crisis when a product was used as a homicidal weapon against its customers; but Johnson & Johnson’s reputation persevered.
Today, Johnson & Johnson conducts surveys within their corporation to ensure that everyone follows the corporation’s statement of values. The statement of values is a living document due to ever changing times that we live in and must be updated as new technologies are developed or as Federal regulations change. Johnson & Johnson is not any different as their credo has changed to reflect environmental changes, as well as, establishing a balance between work and family. The initial statement of values was written as a source of inspiration and guidance to uphold the values and principles held by Mr. Johnson (Hartman et al., 2014).
Johnson & Johnson’s credo starts...

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