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Rainforest started 10 years ago in a small warehouse staffing five employees creating specialty widgets for its clients. Dedication to delivering the best possible experience for its customers has allowed Rainforest to grow substantially with retail outlets in 22 different states within the U.S. The recent acquisition of XYZ widgets, an online widget retailer, has poised Rainforest to expand into a global market. The acquisition and consolidation of two software of two software systems, including the expansion into a global market will present a challenge to the leadership of Rainforest, but these challenges can handled in an effective and efficient manner using an ERP (Enterprise Resource ...view middle of the document...

2). This type of capability could be used in Rainforests globalization strategy as customers can visit the website to check the stock on particular widgets across all locations.
ERP also adds the include benefit of Supply Chain Management (SCM). SCM refers to the system responsible for the “planning, execution, and controlling of all activities involved in raw material sourcing and procurement, converting raw materials to finished products, and warehousing and delivering finished product to customers” (Stair & Reynolds, 2012, p. 389). The overall goal of SCM is to reduce the cost of products while providing the products consumers want on a limited inventory system. As Rainforest seeks a globalization venture with its recent acquisition, inventory control across all locations will play a major role in the company’s success.
Control of the inventory across all locations will be handled in a multi-step process, again facilitated by the ERP software. Beginning with sales forecasting to determine future customer demand, initial estimates are created for months in the future focusing on groups of products versus individual items (Stair & Reynolds, 2012, p. 389). The next step of the process is a sales and operations plan (S&OP). This step factors in current consumer demand and inventory levels to determine future production levels and those production levels need to be achieved (Stair & Reynolds, 2012, p. 389). This avoids excessive inventory and reduces costs in production. SCM also offers demand management to determine weekly and daily needs along with detailed scheduling for production runs that include what items to produce first and when to switch out to another product (Stair & Reynolds, 2012, p. 390). This can help with deciding what size production runs to choose from, the longer and lower cost runs or the shorter less inventory runs. In the case of Rainforest, the Widget 1020 has year round revenue whereas the Widget 1030 only sells well during the holiday months. Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) is another useful element of SCM and assists with the purchasing aspect by determining the type and amount of raw material to purchase for a planned production run (Stair & Reynolds, 2012,...

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