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Learning is defined as the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study or by being taught (Merriam-Webster, 2014). Every student has a different way of learning, or if you will a learning style. Learning style is defined as an individual’s unique approach to learning based on strengths, weaknesses and preferences (Dictionary.com, 2014). Many professors try to accommodate the different learning styles of their students through lecture or one-on-one time sessions. The International Dimensions of Technology and Culture at University of Colorado at Denver is different from all of the other courses that I have taken on this campus due to the teaching techniques ...view middle of the document...

Skim reading is a technique where the individual is visually searching sentences from the pages to find the meaning behind the text. Skim reading helped me take a test for this course because it allowed me search for the answers more quickly.
Meta guiding is a technique that trains the eyes and teaches an individual to use a ruler or their finger at the same time to help the individual analyze or gather the data faster. While performing meta guiding, the individual is trying to make connections within the readings. This allows the individual to comprehend the material more effectively. The connections also allow the individual to recall information at a later date.
Schematic processing is known as brain mapping. This technique helps the individual to decode details from texts that are at a high reading level. All of these techniques are used as a combination to give the brain the ability to understand and comprehend the information based on the familiarity of the concepts that are found in the text. All of these techniques are used along with note taking or annotating to help the individual comprehend and recall the information learned. These techniques are ways of mirroring logical ordering processes to help comprehend the reading material.
Mind mapping accommodates the visual learners, logical learners and kinesthetic learners. Mind mapping is designed to make complex reading simpler to understand, make simple units of meaning into complex units and make connections between those units, and help students understand these relations as the whole. The process of mind mapping helps students recall information better. However, the main purpose of mind mapping to help students synthesize and integrate knowledge in a visual form.
There are different forms of mind mapping as well and within mind mapping there are also rules to help with process. Classification maps allow for inductive and deductive logic. This type of mapping answers the question: what is this a kind of and what are the kinds of this? Part Analysis maps break down the whole into parts; this allows for connections between the whole and the parts. This type of mapping answers the question: what is this a part of and what are the parts of this? Attribute Analysis map takes a concept and breaks it down to its attribute. This type of mapping answers the question: what is this an attribute of and what are the attributes of this? Double Attribute maps are the same as venn diagrams – comparing two things and finding their similarities. Operation maps allow the individual to take a concept and break down into its operation – how it the concept works. Analogy maps depict the relationships where something resembles or corresponds to another thing.

Critique On Mind Mapping
Although mind mapping did help improve my...

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