Unit 5 P1 Btec Business Level 3 Btec Business Assignment P1

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Adriano Asamoah
Unit 5
The Marylebone Hotel
P1: Describe the internal and external factors to consider when planning the human resource requirements of an organization
Human Resourcing
Human resourcing is the division of businesses that focuses on activities related to employees, the activities includes recruiting and hiring of new employees, training and employee benefits
Some responsibilities of Human Resources are:
Recruitment: This involves in attract and assess if people’s skills are adapt for the job role given. They analyse the qualifications and documentations that the candidate achieved throughout his/her education and afterwards they will compare with other candidates in order to see who is more qualified and experienced for the job position the candidates applied for. Ultimately the Recruitment team will select the candidates and makes estimate of what their wages will be so that the budget will meet the criteria.
This is carried out in the Marylebone Hotel as the manager recruit the candidate that suit the most and capable of keeping up with assignment and tasks, therefore the manager will check their relative skills and experience that will benefit the employee performance. For example the Hotel will recruit a waiter that can serve the customers with a fast pace and also be skilled in communication which helps to take orders for the food
Training: This involves in improving the employees skills and help improve their overall performance at work. Development focuses on the growth of the employee throughout the employee’s career while they gain a lot of experience from what they did.
The Marylebone Hotel can use training to improve the employees’ skills and let them learn how to be more efficient at work without losing pace, as an example a Food and beverage attendant can be trained to apply the knowledge and experience he/she has learned throughout the years to serve the customers with a high quality service and products.
Payroll: This process involves in paying the employee for the work that they have completed. This also involves many aspects such as taxes that need to be paid to the right government agency
The Marylebone Hotel could use this so that the employees will be motivated to work harder and improve their work efficiency, as an example a Commis Chef will be motivated to gain experience in the kitchen so he/she can become the executive chef in the future and increase the salary.
Motivation: This shows appreciation for the hard work that many employees put in every day, therefore there is a process of stimulating people to do something that will help them accomplish their goals or set targets. Motivated staff cares about the success of the hotel so this results in them working much better. Furthermore, checking employee’s performance is part of human resources. Employee performance is measuring an employee against targets and how well they are doing.
This will help the Marylebone Hotel to deal with demotivated employees...

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