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Unit 6 Research Paper

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A major shift in the way companies obtain software and computing capacity is under way as more companies tap into Web-based applications like cloud computing and Web 2.0. A host of providers including Amazon, IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft are helping businesses use the Internet to tap into everything from more server capacity to software that helps manage the workload. Assigning these tasks to an offsite location is known as cloud computing (Kroenke, 2013, King, 2008, Wardley, 2012, Hinchcliffe, 2014).
The term cloud computing encompasses allot of areas of technology. It also includes new ventures such as hardware service, a way to manage storage and server load on demand from Amazon and ...view middle of the document...

Many chief information officers remain concerned about the reliability and security of cloud-based services. Events like a prolonged power outage or terror threat have some still concerned. Building redundancies and changing the corporate mindset is key. In a recent study found that about $8 out of every $10 spent on technology in corporations is for maintaining systems, rather than innovating (Kroenke, 2013, King, 2008, Wardley, 2012, Hinchcliffe, 2014).
Companies like Google are embracing the changes in cloud computing. They see the potential for collaboration. Google employees from around the world can work in symmetry on projects and see real time changes this product has enabled. Google has looked into moving applications related to human resources, such as absence reporting and expense reporting, to cloud computing (Kroenke, 2013, King, 2008, Wardley, 2012, Hinchcliffe, 2014).
In general, cloud computing has improved business and IT work. The cost for business is done for computing and the reliability is growing as the technology grows. More and more startups can capture market shares previously unheard of due to the low capital cost of cloud computing. Still another troubling part is the legality of the information on the cloud. It needs to be compliant with country specific laws and regulations from patient privacy and accounting information (Kroenke, 2013, King, 2008, Wardley, 2012, Hinchcliffe, 2014).
The IT industry is experiencing another wave of change and innovation in the Web 2.0 community. These organizations rely on practices, tactics and structures that are often dramatically different from those of most entities. These businesses use right sized IT departments of less than 12 people usually. These departments are built around the concept of service provision – each department uses the services of others and provides services to others. Each department operates as its own unit and is allowed to manage its particular domain. These firms develop their culture, believing that culture is a flexible resource that can be changed. The focus of many cutting...

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