Unit 650 (Lm 507) (Level 5): Understand Professional Management And Leadership In Health And Social Care Settings

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Unit 650 (LM 507) (Level 5): Understand professional management and leadership in health and social care settings
Worksheet 1: Leader, manager or both?

Introduction to the unit

1. Leadership and management are different but complement each other in respect of best practice in health and social care.
Complete the following sentences to express your ideas and views about what leadership and management each involves.

a) Management involves…
| |
|…attention to detail and an ability to manage resources in such a way that it follows the vision of the organisation. |
|Therefore a manager is somebody who follows a leader’s vision and sees how to structure things to create value for the |
|organisation. |
| |
| |
| |

b) Leadership involves…
| |
|….the ability to use vision to affect change within the organisation. Being able to see the big picture is a quality a leader |
|should possess; therefore I would say that a leader is somebody who sees opportunity and puts change in motion. |
| |
| |
| |
| |

2. Where do leadership and management skills overlap?
Identify six areas of your work/practice that are common to leadership and management roles in health and social care settings.
| |
|Good leaders are not necessarily good managers, and good managers are not necessarily good leaders. |
| |
|However good management skills can transform a leader’s vision into action and ensure a...

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