Unit 9, P1, M1 And D1 Level 3 Business Assignment

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Promotional Mix

1st Company Introduction
· Company name is Apple
· The company first started operating on the 1st April 1976
· The company is trying to promote the products and services that they design, develop and sell to their consumers, which are electronics such as iPhone smartphones, the iPad tablet computers, the Mac personal computers, the iPod portable media players, the Apple watch smart watches and the apple TVs. Apple Computer softwares includes macOS and iOS, and online services which include iOS App Store, Mac App Store, Apple music and iCloud.
· Apple’s objective is to continue creating new designed ground-breaking products. The company knows that they are a trend setter due to their reputation and selling so their intention is to carry on introducing something new and exciting to the world.

1. In this assignment I will be focusing on the product called the Apple iPhone smartphones
2. Apple iPhone has created the image as the best smart phone in the market and due to its popularity the Apple company doesn’t have to do much advertising because as soon as Apple launches a new version of iPhone , Apple users and network operators are doing all the promotion for apple. Teenagers and young adults are spreading the news of the release on the daily used online websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This way the information about the new released iPhone gets passed around very quickly between the current and potential customers.
3. Metropolitan Museum of Art carried out Gala and Costume Institute exhibition event in 2016 which was sponsored by Apple. The Met Gala is a fund raising event that benefits the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute. The connection of technology and fashion was a suitable choice for the year Apple was sponsoring the event, as the company came out with its first fashion item. The Apple Watch in 2015.

Marketing Mix for Apple iPhones


Apple brand does not attempt to compete on price. Despite high competition, Apple has succeeded in creating demand for its products, giving the company power over prices through product differentiation, innovative advertising, ensured brand loyalty, and hype around the launch of new products. Apple charge a premium price as the hardware and user interface are designed to provide a lot of value for the price, which keeps Apple’s profits high. Their prices range from £379 for the iPhone SE to £719 for the iPhone 7 Plus.
Give an example of how much the company’s price range
How does the company promote goods and services

Describe the product or service the company uses

What method of promotion does the company employ company above and/or below the line

Promotional Mix


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